CRYPTOMACH / Divorce Muscovite 870 thousand, Z9 new Antminer from Bitmain, the search for the lost bitcoins and cheap video card

Sunday — time to summarize the past weeks. The last seven days in the world of cryptocurrency traditionally recall Cryptoimage.

Life hack: how to make 380 dollars a month on the mining and not to pay for electricity

Monday began with the positive. Employees of large Japanese companies told about the way free of mining. He just put the farm in a hostel where workers do not pay for the light. The result is a little less than 400 dollars in coins per month.

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One-fifth of all bitcoins lost. These hunters cryptocurrency will help to find her

Access to a substantial fraction of all coins, BTC lost. Try to restore it to ready an army of people from rasshifrovki and ending with hypnotists. Inside the article — the cost of services and operation.

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Google co-founder Sergey Brin year mainit Live with his son

Sergey Brin revealed details of family life. It turns out that a year ago, the son asked to buy a gaming computer. The father complied with the request, but also insisted on mining coins ETH. Technology Ethereum Brin seems “fascinating”.

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The same mistake: hackers stole $ 23 million from the wallets on blockchain startup Bancor

The week was not without hacking. Purses Bancor lost the equivalent of 23 million dollars in the Air, BNT and Pundi X. In response, the administration has frozen the wallets of users and start to deal with hackers.

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1906 BTC since December. As GMO is so good mines coins?

GMO again boasted the coolest results of mining. Just since December of last year, the company produced 1906 BTC and 636 BCH. The key to success — 7-nanometer ASIC device.

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Bitmain Antminer Z9 presented to the algorithm Equihash. Gives a new ASIC miner?

Main news of the week — the announcement of a full version of the Antminer Z9. Model zcash for digging, ZClassic, ZenCash and Bitcoin Private. The first coin will bring $ 65 per day.

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What if the coins Satoshi go?

Examined possible scenarios occurring in case of movement of Satoshi coins. All three of them, so everyone will find suitable.

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A resident of Moscow lost 870 thousand rubles when trying to buy mining equipment with hands

The classic story. The Muscovite wanted to buy the farm, but eventually lost a round sum. Another proof that it is better to avoid contact with representatives of the world of cryptocurrency in real life.

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Time to purchase: video card fell due to the downturn in the cryptocurrency market

Reporters noted decrease in prices of video cards. The most popular model is cheaper by 30-35 percent. Good news.

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Amir Rosic: each of us is smart enough to make and lose money

Interview with serial entrepreneur who understands the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The experience of an intelligent man is always helpful.

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Learn from the best: what coins hoblit Chapter eToro

Tip for any Hodler. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are several interesting coins.

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An anonymous trader has put 6 million into Bitcoin for 280 thousand dollars by 2023

The desire for early Year pushing a big risk. One trader expressed the willingness to lose $ 6 million if Bitcoin will not be worth 280 thousand by 2023.

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