CRYPTOMACH / Distribution of $ 20 million from Justin Sana, cryptograhically CBR and EOS-transaction of 3.6 billion

The March moved into the second half, and in the niche cryptocurrency has also become warmer. The main catalyst warming was the initiative of the founder of Tron. Justin San decided to distribute the equivalent of $ 20 million, while the less fortunate will get a new Tesla. Still pleased with sales of 100 thousand Antminer L3 in one day, buy BTC main critic of cryptocurrencies and reducing the cost of mining to 75 percent. Let’s sum up.

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The bulls here: top trader BitMEX came back with a positive Outlook after a few months of silence

Trader AngeloBTC returned after a long silence. This time he shared a long term prognosis. In his opinion, by the beginning of 2021 in one bitcoin will give 30 thousand dollars. Another option is the death of the cryptocurrency, but it is unlikely.

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The Winklevoss twins more than ever pounced on Bitcoin. What is the reason?

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss discussed the topic of safety and security of cryptocurrency wallets. They believe that Bitcoin is able to solve the problems of the banks and other financial institutions, who control the means of users.

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Network EOS created the transaction by 3.61 trillion dollars. Why it failed?

Week remember the experiment of one of the users of EOS. He made the transaction by 3.61 trillion dollars, which exceeded the volume of all available coins. For this reason the operation was denied.

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Cryptocurrency will bring Facebook billions of dollars. Forecast analyst at Barclays

Analyst at Barclays shared his thoughts with the customers. In the letter Ross Sandler made the rise of Facebook shares after the launch of the native cryptocurrency. As a result of social network will earn at least $ 3 billion — and that’s a conservative estimate.

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The CBR has proposed to limit the maximum amount of investments in the crypt for ordinary investors

In the future, Russian citizens will get the limit on the amount of investments in the cryptocurrency. We are talking about the so-called rate of investment, which is kind of like will be limited to 600 thousand rubles. As later said Aksakov, the mean investment in ICO.

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Global adoption of the cryptocurrency will not begin with a Bitcoin, but why? Response Of The European Union

Representatives of the Observatory and forum blockchain EU believe in global adoption of cryptocurrency, however it starts not with Bitcoin. The main role is played by specialized blockchain projects that will give the world a real favor. When you do this, you first need to increase the number of transactions.

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How to configure and run the miner CryptoDredge? Step by step instructions

Figured out CryptoDredge miner for Nvidia on 36 algorithms. Also learned about the performance of different GPU models, matching coins, and the settings themselves. Examples of the. bat files are inside.

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Halving approaching: Bitmain has sold 100 thousand L3 Antminer for mining Litecoin one day

Double reduction award for the block in the Litecoin will be held in August. On the background of the approaching of this event, the users are waiting for the beginning of a new bullrun. Stock up on coins starting now. According to sources, Bitmain sold 100 thousand ASIC miners Antminer model L3 only for a day.

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The main critic of cryptocurrencies bought bitcoins. Coin gradually went up

Marc Faber is known for criticizing cryptocurrencies. At the time expert stock market has highlighted the shortcomings of the coins, however, now reconciled with them and acquired his first bitcoins. According to Faber, he was struck by the level of support in the $ 4,000 after falling from peak rates.

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What to expect from the cryptocurrency in 2019? Objective forecast

Brock pierce, which also applies to the creation of the EOS, shared his vision of events in 2019 inside the niche cryptocurrency. The main points have become decentralized applications, to promote STO and online games using coins.

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Justin San distributes $ 20 million. How to get money?

Main news of the week — the Creator of Tron has announced the distribution of large sums of coins. Also joining them will be the new Tesla. To participate in the race enough to retweet an article by Justin Twitter. The first results will be announced on March 27.

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The miner has reduced the cost of mining Bitcoins by 75 percent. What’s his secret?

The cost of mining cryptocurrencies can be substantially reduced. In the case of Christian Anderson helped solar panels on the roof of the house. In the end, costs have decreased by 75 percent.

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One of the biggest Bitcoin whales quietly emptied the purse. Receive 60 thousand BTC

Fourth richest purse in the world lost all stocks of coins. This year he lost 60 thousand bitcoins, which is equivalent to at least 240 million dollars. It’s funny that the address does not apply to cryptocurrency exchanges, so we are talking just about this whale. The motives for the sale are still unknown.

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