CRYPTOMACH / Distribution of $ 125 million in XLM, hidden farm in Balashikha, Antminer S15 and the revolution in mining from AMD

Sunday evening is the best time to summarize the week. Remember the last loud new products from Bitmain, the forecasts for the exchange rate of Bitcoin and adventure mountain-millionaire from California. Also militiamen found the hidden mining-farm in the Moscow region, as early cryptoanalysis told about the possible identity behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Remember the main for seven days.

Get ready: AMD is preparing a “revolution” in the industry of mining of cryptocurrencies

The sales performance of video cards for the miners in the third quarter for AMD was low on the GPU didn’t even have 10 percent of the profits. However, the company does not despair. Moreover, the entrepreneurs decided to change the situation using already collected farms. All eight models, ranging from standard ASUS I and ending SAPPHIRE INCA™ CS-14 Series fourteen AMD Radeon RX 470.

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Student from California went from five thousand dollars to almost a million. Now he is hunting tax

Author Reddit told about the problems with the tax authorities of the country. At the time, using cryptocurrency he turned 5 thousand, $ 880 thousand. Then, the portfolio has shrunk several times, but the guy has to pay taxes on a peak value. Where to get a couple of hundred thousand dollars — is unknown.

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Bitcoin will a new high in 2019. How will it be?

Mike Novogratz is confident in the imminent change of trend on the market of cryptocurrencies. According to the expert, to new heights Bitcoin will lead institutional investors. To wait for the development of the situation is next year.

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How is the price of cryptocurrencies? Detailed analysis

The value of the cryptocurrency is not controlled by banks or any financial institutions. The price is influenced by other factors. The most important of them, and the causes of the volatility of coins disassembled inside the article.

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What is known about hard forks of Bitcoin is Cash at the moment? Summarize

15 November update network BCH. Hardwork promises to be the most significant, because of the contradictions, the developers were divided into three camps. As a result, the update quarreled even Craig Wright and Roger Faith. The first declared the second war.

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Risk management in FINMA does not rule out Bitcoin for 52 thousand dollars

Swiss Agency for financial market supervision allows a significant increase in rates of cryptocurrencies. Because of this, the Agency recommended that banks increase the risks of investments in cryptocurrency 800 percent of current value. It turns out, in their opinion, Bitcoin can jump above 50 thousand. Well.

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Why Bitcoin will grow to 10 thousand dollars by the beginning of 2019? Response of traders

There is an alternative view, Bitcoin can not grow above 10 thousand. According to traders, it is now hinder the development of the futures is the first cryptocurrency. Since the derivatives are in the flat, waiting for significant changes in the situation irrational.

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Stellar distributes $ 125 million in tokens XLM. Where and how to get money

The partnership between the companies Blockchain and Stellar turned into a grandiose airdrome. Just hand out the equivalent of 125 million dollars in tokens XLM, and the first participants will receive money next week. Link for check — in.

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Bitmain Antminer introduced S15 and T15. Characteristics and profitability of new ASIC miners

Chinese Bitmain announced a new ASIC miners — Antminer S15 and T15. Models operate on 7-nanometer chips, and got two modes of mining. The payback period will be about 11 and 9 months respectively.

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What cryptocurrency exchange is the safest? The answer of experts

Employees Group-IB has shared the rating of the security kryptomere. The first place is Kraken. It’s funny that the most risky recognized OKEx, which has a huge volume of daily trading.

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Hidden mining farm in Balashikha owes 30 million rubles. It has covered law enforcement

Tenants LCD “Edelweiss Comfort” owes Mosenergo 30 million rubles. It turned out that to blame the big mining-farm, which was hidden in one of the buildings of the complex. Video from the event and photos are included.

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Bitmain suddenly released 90 thousand ASIC miners Antminer S9. What’s the rush?

Hardwork Bitcoin Cash not only quarreled the main persons of the project, but also forced Chinese Bitmain to work up a sweat on the new miners. The company released a batch of 90 thousand Antminer S9 and thus wants to win the “war Hasrat”.

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Where to take money: Weiss Ratings decided on the best Althingi

Employees of a financial Agency Weiss Ratings named best cryptocurrencies to investments. Bitcoin the first four had an average score. The leaders took XRP, XLM and other coins.

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Who could be Satoshi Nakamoto? Version early Bitcoin enthusiast

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the main secrets of the world of cryptocurrency. An early enthusiast Jeff garzik’s shared thoughts on this topic. He believes that the pseudonym could escape a computer security expert Dave Kleiman. He died in 2013.

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