CRYPTOMACH / Death of Bitcoin in Davos, a huge Grin potential, the experience of earnings on masternode and most dangerous of the exchange

In the yard last weekend of January. This week was not so eventful as the previous one — yet to surpass the break-Cryptopia, the abolition of hard forks Constantinople and the incredible mining ETC very difficult. But there were other events. For example, ANON disappeared from the mining-pool 2Miners, and the participants of the forum in Davos, predicted the death of Bitcoin. Remember the best of the past seven days.

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Is there a future for miners? Possible diversification options

Mining today is not as profitable as it was in the end of 2017. But do not despair. For the owners of the rigs there are different options of diversification of its activities. Figured out the most promising.

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ANON may disappear from mining-pool 2Miners. What it is, and whether it is possible to save the situation

The developers ANON announced the mandatory update, which among other things was to activate the 10% royalties paid on each unit in their Fund. To consult with the community, no one was going because the pool 2Miners did not support the initiative. The coin disappeared from the site and as of yesterday left with 74 miners in the world.

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Charlie Lee: cryptocurrency Grin and Beam have more potential than Bitcoin

The Creator of Litecoin decided to bask in the hype and commented on the coins on the Protocol MimbleWimle. The expert believes that the developers have a great chance to make a scalable cryptocurrency with an unprecedented level of privacy. Let’s wait and see, will come true if his word.

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Why Bitcoin will bring dozens of x’s in the future? Expert’s answer

The representative of the Fund Digital Currency Alistair Milne has shared his thoughts on the growth prospects of Bitcoin. As a claims analyst, the following bullrun will be even greater, so investors waiting for a bunch of x’s. Not excluded the option of BTC for 100 thousand dollars per coin.

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What masternode worth investing in 2019? The list of the most promising coins

Chose the most promising masternode for the current year. The list includes Dash, Zcoin, $PAC, Energi, and others. Inside summary of each coin and relevant indicators for potential investors.

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The researchers named the most unsafe cryptocurrency exchanges. What are they?

To keep stocks of cryptocurrencies on exchanges is excusable only for traders. While there are areas that need to be careful even last. This is due to the certificates, open ports and vulnerabilities. Rating got Bithumb, Coincheck and Zaif.

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The experience of earnings on masternode. Report for the three months

Instructions for investing in masternode using the service 2Masternodes we published back in October, now it’s time to take stock. The article showed the changing rate of return on investment, accrual of coins and the stability of the payments.

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The miners found refuge in zcash for. Hasrat coins increased by 650 percent

Heraty cryptocurrency because of the sagging market not only falls. For example, indicators zcash for steadily growing — last year was crazy 650%. According to Diar, it is also connected with the upcoming alvingham rewards network coins.

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Bitcoin will fall to zero. Comments on the economic forum in Davos

This week Davos called for many economists, bankers and representatives of other professions. Due to this Bitcoin and cryptocurrency got a lot of criticism. For example, the founder of BCG Digital Ventures Jeff Schumacher predicted the fall of the main coins to zero. The thing is that BTC is supposedly not worth anything.

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Students at Cambridge University have figured out how to return the stolen bitcoins

Researchers from Cambridge University have come up with and describe two ways of tracking the lost coins. The most effective of them is called Taintchain and uses the FIFO method. It can be used to record the movement of bitcoins and not to lose sight of them.

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Wealth from heaven: because of an error of crypto currency exchange its users received $ 5.3 million

Users of South Korean Coinnest become significantly richer. Exchange accidentally added the extra tokens We Game Tokens (WGT) in the amount of $ 5.3 million. After the recognition of the mistakes of the representatives of the platform were asked to return the funds. At least half of the customers acted in good faith.

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Radio: a hacker hacked a satellite to transmit messages about Bitcoin

The most beautiful news of the week — unknown programmer from Eastern Europe were broadcasting messages of love to Bitcoins. This was done by a satellite in orbit. Since the text was made in a post-apocalyptic style, the community appreciated the idea. Translation romantic message inside.

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