CRYPTOMACH / Bitcoin for 1000, top 5 richest cryptocell, message from Satoshi and Antminer in bulk

Winter is on the doorstep. Despite last year’s trends, right now Bitcoin is in no hurry to repeat the rise to 20 thousand dollars. Moreover, today is the first cryptocurrency sold for 3,800 USD, which is ridiculously low. Parse events of this week, which eventually led the market to the current state. Among them — the frightening forecasts of experts, the postponement of the launch of futures trading on Bakkt, useless ASIC miners and Bitcoin SV defeat in the war of Harrachov.

When Bitcoin will reach its bottom? Forecast analyst

The first forecast week announced Willie Woo. According to his version, the first cryptocurrency is still far from the bottom, so the fall won’t be the last. The final slump should expect in the second quarter of 2019. Looks like HODL this time is delayed.

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The blockchain of Bitcoin found a message from Satoshi Nakamoto. Is it real?

In the ninth block of Bitcoin found a message from the Creator of the cryptocurrency. It was about “problems with Segwit”, and the text was limited to exactly three words. Sense promised to reveal at the end of next year, while participants in the community have questioned the authenticity of the letter.

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Bitcoin will drop to $ 1,000. Unprecedented bearish analyst

On version Willie Woo bad the predictions ended. Steven Innes also does not see the end of the bearish trend in the near future, therefore, allows for the depreciation of BTC up to $ 1000. Sounds scary.

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. Canceled: Bakkt postpones the launch of Bitcoin futures

Platform Bakkt officially postponed the start of trading Bitcoin futures. The launch was planned for December 12, however the release was postponed to January 24. Many experts see in the beginning the reason for the significant growth of the market, so that Here, too, will have to wait.

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What is the Bitcoin futures? Understand in detail

Immediately after the representatives of Bakkt dealt with the principle of futures for cash. Inside — description of the instrument and its potential influence on the course of the coin, the value for the industry and much more.

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Bottom punched, Hasrat Ethereum has fallen to its lowest level in last 9 months

Amid falling prices coin of go Ethereum miners. Hasrat updated nine-month low. The indicator declined by about a quarter from 297 to 236 of teruhisa. Predictable response, but still looks sad.

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Who owns the five richest Bitcoin wallets?

The overall balance of the five richest Bitcoin wallets is nearly 593 thousand coins. Inside described the proud owners and the amount of each of them. With such figures Lamby you can buy even now.

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Mining giant Giga Watt — bankrupt. The company kicked out of Washington

The fall course had other consequences. Began to close the large mining companies that are unable to pay for electricity and other expenditure in current prices. One of them was a Giga Watt.

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Give a pound Antminer: in China, sell ASIC miners in bulk

In China, heavy temporarily useless ASIC miners are sold by weight. Thing again in the fall in profitability. And because asimah you can’t run games, they are simply disposed of.

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How much will the Bitcoin to the end of 2019? Response COO BitPay

Sonny Singh of BitPay believes in market recovery. According to his version, in a year Bitcoin will rise to the level of December 2017. The growth of expert is also associated with the launch of Bakkt and Fidelity.

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How many millions burned in the war of Harrachov between Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC SV? Response analysts

The cost of fighting for the right to be called Bitcoin Cash in the millions. The money went to the purchase Hasrat for the extraction of blocks in the new chain after a hard forks.

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White flag: SV team Bitcoin conceded defeat in the “war of Harrachov”

Amount team Bitcoin SV was lost. Calvin Eyre announced that BSV is now working separately, and the developers will position it as a separate cryptocurrency.

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Google Trends: the number of queries about Bitcoin reached a six-month high

The interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency against the background of falling of the market has not decreased. On the contrary, the number of queries on updated six-month high. For example, you can type “Bitcoin is dead” and “HODL”. A funny situation.

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