CRYPTOMACH / Attack ETC, the new GPU from Nvidia, 7 trillion capitalization of Bitcoin and preparing for the hard forks of Ethereum

It’s only the second week of the new year, but the festive atmosphere is long gone. She disappeared on the 7th, when hackers made a successful attack 51%. The attackers conducted a double-spending and made the community poorer by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also last seven days remember incredible for Bitcoin from Weiss Ratings and the Winklevoss brothers, the curious behavior of Ethereum and a sharp market decline on Thursday. Remember the most vivid events.

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Weiss Ratings: Bitcoin will put a new record price this year

Analysts Weiss Ratings made a gift to all fans of the cryptocurrency. According to their forecast, by the end of this year BTC will rise to at least 20 thousand dollars. Celebrant will be a higher level of adoption of cryptocurrency around the world. Of the other coins especially lucky XRP. Hodlem!

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Nvidia announced a video card RTX 2060. What is known about the new product?

The international CES 2019 pleased with the announcement of a new budget graphics card. For RTX 2060 will ask for $ 349. The model shows better performance in comparison with 1070 Ti and consistently shows 60 frames per second in Battlefield V. looks Like mining with it will also be fun.

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Attack 51% on Ethereum Classic. What is known about the first high-profile attack by hackers this year?

The main news of the beginning of January, blockchain ETC were attacked by the hackers. The team did not want to admit the problem and just recommended that pools and exchanges to increase the number of confirmation blocks. From the truth to escape failed. Criminals do made a double waste and stole several hundred thousand dollars.

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How to identify profitable cryptocurrency for investment? Expert’s answer

Before investing in cryptocurrencies must conduct their own market research. There are universal tips that will help you to understand what is happening. System capacity assessment of shared coins trader under the name Davincij15. The project should be in the top 25 cryptocurrencies in the world excluding tablconv to be decentralized and great to get along with marketing.

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Destroy kryptonite: mining pools without any problems stealing the coins and 51% attack — time to spit

Dispelled the myths around the theme of the attack 51 percent. The described circuit, the potential of hackers in the possession of the greater part of the computing power of the network, and limits of action. For example, an attacker can’t draw coins out of the air or to get you in the wallet.

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Important upgrade: what you need to do to hard forks of Ethereum?

Update network Ethereum will be held on January 16. Mainly, the developers will reduce the reward for the block from 3 to 2 ETH. Talk about other innovations and that need to get done before Wednesday. At least you should not contact scammy Nova Ethereum and Ethereum Classic Vision.

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Capitalization of Bitcoin will surpass gold, and will exceed 7 trillion. The opinion of the Winklevoss brothers

The founders of the cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini brothers the Winklevoss confirmed a strong belief in the future of coins. They are predicting the replacement of gold by Bitcoin and corresponding increase in market capitalization last. We are talking about 7 trillion dollars. One BTC will cost about 333 thousand. Good, right?

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Price Ethereum repeats the behavior of Bitcoin in 2015. Bullrun close?

Movement ETH for the past six months is clearly reminiscent of the jumping of Bitcoin in 2015. If the market cycles somehow, again, the volatility of the Ethereum over local parabolic growth and record growth. Here!

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62 billion dollars in bitcoins focused on one percent of the purses. How did this happen?

The problem of the concentration of great wealth in a small number of people relevant to cryptocurrencies. According to the study NBD, almost 87 percent of bitcoins in circulation is controlled to 0.7 per cent of addresses. At the same time, 97 percent of the purses is less than one BTC.

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Why does Ethereum need ASIC mining? The developer’s reply

Representatives of the Ethereum Foundation want to switch to the algorithm ProgPoW, which will significantly reduce the difference in mining efficiency between graphics cards and ASIC miners. Developed by Alex Akhunov not see in it sense. According to him, the parties need to negotiate.

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How to calculate the profitability of mining. Top 7 best cryptocurrency calculators

World calculators of mining is not limited to one WhatToMine. We found at least 6 alternatives that we can safely use it. Inside there is CoinWarz Calculator ruby Minerstat and other worthy candidates.

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Red October, which led to a sharp drop in Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash?

Thursday destroyed the hopes of the approaching bullrun. Bitcoin fell to $ 3670, and since then has not recovered. Thus no reason to panic like there is no — sagging fit into the framework of the local adjustment.

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What has caused the fall of Bitcoin this week? Opinions of Russian experts

The situation also commented on the Russian analysts. In General, opinions were limited to statements about the current correction. Another popular version — the gradual decline of investor interest. This in particular contributes to the increasingly rare appearance of news about the cryptocurrency in the mainstream media.

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25 percent easy. “The king of bonds,” predicts sharp jump in Bitcoin

Veteran wall Street Jeffrey Gundlach is not usually his forecasts on Bitcoin, but this time decided to make an exception. According to him, soon the main cryptocurrency will jump up to 5 thousand dollars. Guests can easily earn a 25 percent profit. And to survive the turmoil of this year in the stock market will help selling junk bonds.

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