CRYPTOMACH / ASIC-monsters from Innosilicon GMO and Putin’s thoughts about cryptocurrency and courage Vitalik Buterin

Ended the first full week of summer. The season has just started, but the heat has already arrived. During the last seven days, the market appeared two new ASIC miner, one at the 7-nanometer process technology. In addition, about cryptocurrency asked the President of the Russian Federation. Restore the picture of what happened.

Why do we need Bitcoin to ordinary citizens? An example of life

Bitcoin is cool, but not everyone understands this. The benefits have become clear after the situation with 64-year-old Rustem Kazazi. The man collected all his savings on the way from USA to Albania — wanted to sit there longer and at the same time to help families. In the end, 58 thousand dollars was seized by customs officers.

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Destroying the myths: Bitcoin uses much less resources than it seems

Bankers and government officials criticize the cryptocurrency, including excessive consumption of natural resources. It turns out that the creation and maintenance of regular money too, need a lot. Details — in the article.

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Seven myths of decentralization, Ethereum

Article the level of Satoshi Nakamoto. Learn, remember and surprise friends with your amazing knowledge.

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GMO introduced a 7-nanometer ASIC Minor B2. Productivity is 70 percent higher Antminer S9

The first novelty of the week were introduced by the Japanese GMO. The main feature of the model is the use of 7-nanometer chips. While the use of this bit. The profitability of the miner makes eyes climb on the forehead. On the day it will bring a little more than 10 dollars.

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How to mine Bitcoin Private (BTCP)? Profitability and characteristics of mining cryptocurrencies

Figured out the Bitcoin mining Private. By tradition, give a certificate about the coin, talk about proper equipment, exchanges and relevant net profit.

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Russian cryptomeria. In Kalinovo, farmers abandon the ruble in favor of the cryptocurrency

In Russia there is a curious village of Kalinovo. Here, thanks to the efforts of Michael Shlyapnikova people pay a crypt. This was preceded by a successful ICO, which brought 500 thousand dollars. It seems that we have advanced not only in the city.

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Delta — monitor cryptocurrency portfolio as Satoshi

I found this great app for working with their portfolio. Here, relevant courses, schedules, notifications and transactions. The icing on the cake — cool design.

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President Vladimir Putin answered questions about the cryptocurrency

During straight line Vladimir Putin was asked about the coins. The President recalled about the lack of regulation of mining and named coins beyond the national borders. In General, the replica came down to the fact that to treat the crypt cautiously.

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Not all traders go to Lambach. It turns out that wealth can also be shy

Funny story about the clients of lawyer John Laura. Some of them are ashamed of their wealth that they have acquired the coins.

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Innosilicon presented ZMaster A9 — ASIC-miner to Equihash. Compared with Antminer Z9 mini

Showed Innosilicon ASIC miner algorithm Equihash. The model 50 kcal/s and consumption at the rate of 620 watts. The model will pay for itself in two months and will bring 142 USD each day.

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Acne Buterin not afraid of the Rothschilds, or the collapse of cryptocurrency

The Creator of Ethereum is confident in the future of cryptocurrency. According to him, for control of the market is not even enough money of the Rothschilds. Besides, he considers the potential of coins sufficient to capture the over the top Fiat. I hope so.

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