CRYPTOMACH / Approval of the blockchain in China, hearing on Libra and delayed start TON

These seven days in the world of cryptocurrency was strained. Run TON finally moved, and mark Zuckerberg to take the rap for Libra to Congress. However, closer to the weekend everything has changed: China’s President called for expanding the blockchain, then Bitcoin even took the leap to 10 thousand dollars.

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A hearing between the Telegram and the SEC deferred to 2020

To wait for the launch of the Telegram Open Network this year won’t be hearing between the company and the Commission on securities and stock exchanges has transferred. Consideration of the case on 18 February 2020. Representatives of the Telegram state that this is a good thing.

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Now with bitcoin you can earn in the online game

Staff Some Satoshis.Games announced the game Lightnite. The latter uses the potential of the Lightning Network and thus will allow players to earn bitcoin in the game. If you do something wrong, the balance will decrease. Early access will launch in November 2020.

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Bitcoin price will rise to $ 2 million per year: new forecast of John McAfee

John McAfee in his repertoire: now he says already about two million dollars per bitcoin by the end of next year. No convincing arguments for dual growth forecast there. The entrepreneur once again reminded of the limitations of the maximum number of BTC and at least a third of the lost coins from the total supply.

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The administration of the trump bubble burst Bitcoin end of 2017

According to the official Christopher Giancarlo, the growth of Bitcoin in 2017, the administration stopped trump. She did this by entering futures the first cryptocurrency. Then the course went downhill.

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Five reasons not to wait for the launch of cryptocurrency Libra from Facebook

Dismantled the main arguments against the possible launch of cryptocurrency Libra from the largest social network. These include the loss of supporters of the project, not the best reputation of Facebook and the increased attention of financial regulators.

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Bitcoin-ATMs — what you need to know before using them?

The so-called cryptomate there are pros and cons. Highlighted the main features of these devices and at the same time you raised the issue of the safety of their use. Of fraud in the article too.

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What will happen to Bitcoin if the economy starts to fall?

The slowdown in economic growth may affect Bitcoin in two ways. On the one hand, people may rush to invest in cryptocurrency in the background of instability of conventional investment instruments. On the other Hodler can start to sell stocks of coins to survive.

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“The funeral” Bitcoin: who and when to call bitcoin dead?

Remembered the most vivid statement of the death of Bitcoin. This was stated by Warren Buffett, news magazines and other sources of information. By the way, one of the journalists later apologized for his negative attitude towards the cryptocurrency.

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China’s President called for expanding the blockchain. Bitcoin responded with growth to 10 thousand dollars

China’s President XI Jinping has supported the blockchain. Says, we need to actively support the technology and more to invest in it, so that the world race has clearly begun. By the way, Bitcoin news has responded well — at least 33 percent growth for the day.

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As Bitcoin and crypto-currencies threaten the dollar?

Congressman brad Sherman does not like crypto-currencies and considers them a convenient tool for drug traffickers and other illicit substances. The dollar allegedly not working for the criminals. And officials have widely criticized Zuckerberg at the meeting.

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