CRYPTOMACH / a death Spiral of Bitcoin, Ethereum at $ 13, the solution of the cipher Satoshi and hardwork Zcoin

Ended the first full week of winter. For the market of cryptocurrencies it was really cold: Bitcoin fell to $ 3300 and pulled the entire market. This is not only spoiled the mood of hontarov, but also undermined the benefits from changing the difficulty of mining BTC. During the week there were other events, forecasts and statements. Deal with the most important ones.

Expert: Bitcoin was in “a death spiral” and will soon be down to zero

The week began with frightening statements. Professor Atulya sarin has predicted a noticeable drop in the Bitcoin exchange rate and noted the ingress of cryptocurrency in a “spiral of death”. It is all about small profits of the miners and the prolonged bearish trend. According to the expert, in the end, this will lead to a depreciation of the coin.

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ETCDev closed because of funding problems. Waiting for the collapse ETC?

Team ETCDev upset — due to lack of funds and falling rates of cryptocurrencies organization is forced to close. Investors did not save the situation. For short-term needs needed more money than was available.

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Everything on the farm: mining Bitcoin has become more favorable after the fall of difficulty

The difficulty of mining Bitcoins waited correction. Two weeks later, after the fall Hasrat network reacted to the situation and reduced the corresponding parameters. Now to profit from BTC mining will be easier.

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Riddle: how is Satoshi Nakamoto with immigrants? Solve a cipher “nour”

At the end of November on page Satoshi Nakamoto on the P2P Foundation message appears. It contained just one word — “nour”. The event has given rise to many theories and versions. Chose main.

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Preparing for bullrun: whales have accumulated nearly 20 million ETH for 2018

While some people are sad about the fall courses, others are buying up coins at a bargain price. This year the whales have replenished their purses by 80 percent and has accumulated more than 20 million ETH. They seem to come bullrun certainly not in doubt.

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Bitcoin will definitely grow to 20 thousand dollars by the end of the year. But not this

Forecasts for the week was missing. CEO of Quoine Mike Kayamori predicted growth of Bitcoin above 20 thousand dollars. According to him, this will happen at the end of next year. By the way, to the new bottom of the first cryptocurrency remains very little.

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Analyst Bloomberg: Bitcoin will drop to $ 1,500 in the near future

But members of the Bloomberg believe that the bottom is still far. Bitcoin should fall at least 2 times — up to $ 1500. As analyst Mike McGlone, the situation is still guilty hardwork Bitcoin Cash.

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What Zcoin? The key benefits, differences from other coins and prospects of the project

Zcoin is one of the most popular anonymous cryptocurrency. Coin is working on the Zerocoin Protocol, and before each use XZC destroyed and erases the operation history. Within the article features description of project, links to the wallets and the list of trading exchanges.

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Market capitalization is lying. How then to assess the cryptocurrency?

Enthusiasts have created a site CoinMarketBook and oppose it giant CoinMarketCap. As explained by the developers, their product takes into account support for the cryptocurrency from customers and not looking at the indicators of market capitalization. So it turns out “to separate investment from gambling.”

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SEC again postponed ETF on Bitcoin. The next review — in February

Alas, the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has again postponed a decision on ETF on Bitcoin. The new deadline was the end of February. Representatives of the authority you want to give the issue more time.

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To hard forks Zcoin is quite a bit. What will change, and how to prepare for an update online?

10 December Zcoin will be hardwork. Understand what you need to get regular users, owners mastered, miners and exchanges, not to be left without your favorite coins.

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The Ethereum fell to $ 13 for the main American a crypto currency exchange. What happened?

During the week the ETH fell to 83 dollars that at least 90 per cent below the peak prices of the coins. However, some traders are even luckier — they bought the coin for 13 dollars. It happened in the GDAX, which is managed by Coinbase. A rare stroke of luck!

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And you, Brutus: Chinese miners shortat Bitcoin for hedging due to the falling exchange rate

Miners from China forced to open short positions on Bitcoin due to the fall of the market. Thus they protect themselves from the consequences of the current trends. Otherwise I would have had to close.

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Wealthy Willy-nilly: crypto currency exchange accidentally sent the user $ 35 million

A resident of Brazil became a millionaire by mistake. He ordered the withdrawal of $ 128 in the local exchange Bitcambio, but in the end received more than 35 million. The staff of the site canceled the transaction, but asked the user to sign the document for the authorities.

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