CRYPTOMACH / 333 thousand dollars per Bitcoin after halving, the worst coins in 2018 and the myth of the imminent death of mining

The new year stands patiently on the doorstep and waits for the pages in the calendar. While the water with the eggs for the salad starts to boil and have a little free time, summarize kryptonite. Remember the worst coins in the last 12 months, a refutation of the myth of ever-increasing difficulty of mining and the belief in the growth of ETH after a hard forks Constantinople. Will update in-memory forecasts are courses of different coins and the end of the production miners GMO.

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Here is a twist: Ripple — the most desired gift for the New year among all cryptocurrencies

Representatives GloBee conducted a survey and identified the most popular coin among subscribers. It was the XRP, which was voted on by 50 percent of respondents. It seems that the product Ripple — a good option for Christmas gift.

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Identified worst cryptocurrencies of the expiring 2018. Who lost the most?

The cryptocurrency market this year was mainly bearish. Coins lost much of their value, while some tried more than others. For example, Zclassic need to do 188 x to catch up the record of his course.

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Goldmine: what technical indicator traders use most often?

The traders have selected the most popular tool when dealing with cryptocurrencies. They, oddly enough, was the trading volume. On the pedestal has also been found Relative Strength Index (RSI) and moving averages. Inside the instruction manual of the indicator.

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Destroy kryptonite: mining becoming increasingly difficult and will soon die

Fans in the niche cryptocurrency often say that to start mining already too late. Like, two years ago this idea was worth something, but today it is easier to go the other way. Tell why it is not so, and the graphics for farms, hunting a very long time.

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Bad fork: the Creator of Bitcoin Private accused of premine

Bitcoin Private cracked. Experts found of 2.04 million coins, which no one knew. They were kept in the purses of the Creator of the project. On portions BTCP learned after 300 thousand coins left on the exchange. It seems that bitcoin is long.

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Acne, the forward three reasons for the beginning of the growth of Ethereum

Course ETH in the near future may increase substantially. For this there are at least three reasons: no problems with ConsenSys, approaching hardwork Constantinople and curiosity to the platform by the Commission on trade in commodity futures. Wait Here.

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Diversifying cryptoperthite right: 5 main coins successful Hodler

Tried to build the perfect, criptoportico Hodler. It just has to be Bitcoin, stablein Tether, Neo and another two coins. The proportions of the distribution too.

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GMO minimizes the production of mining equipment. What was the reason?

Bear market put an end to the production of ASIC miners from the company GMO. Management has recorded an “extraordinary loss” and announced the termination of its activities in this direction. The same niches remain in business.

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When and under what conditions the Ethereum will jump to $ 200? Response CEO BitMEX

The Ethereum sort of recovered after updating the annual minimum is now the course of the coin was fixed at 130-140 dollars. Jump to 200 dollars and above is possible. Alas, it will have to wait at least a year.

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Analyst: if Bitcoin falls below $ 3,200, hodlers have to get away

The former chief economist of the International monetary Fund mark DOE indicated the level of Bitcoin, in which to escape from the sinking ship will have even holleran. They will be $ 3,200. By the way, soon the coin to break at least 5 thousand dollars, otherwise the bulls will have hard times.

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Bitcoin does a new competitor. Bullrun in 2019 can start with a Ripple

Next year may be a great success for the platform and its Ripple crypto — currency – XRP. The company regularly enters into partnerships with banks and financial institutions. Coin is able to increase transfer speed and reduce costs. Experts do not rule out that XRP can bypass the Bitcoin market capitalization.

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Bitcoin will rise to 333 thousand dollars after halving. Why this is not fiction

Trader Filb Filb podelilsa graph of change rate of Bitcoin. According to the picture, based on previous jumps in the following bullrun course BTC could rise to $ 332 733. Surprised to such figures there is no need — after becoming the first cryptocurrency in the big player it will invest almost everything.

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