CryptoKitties will be released on the blockchain-smartphone HTC in a pre-installed application

The company AxiomZen in November 2017 presented CryptoKitties game where users grow and sell cryptococal using the blockchain. The volume of transactions since the start of the game was 23.2 million dollars, and the most expensive character was sold for 110 thousand dollars.

Six months later it turned out that the game is not so popular — at its peak the number of daily users did not exceed 14 thousand the person, and by April had dropped to 2.1 thousand. To save the business, AxiomZen signed a contract with the electronics manufacturer HTC — the game will come as a preinstalled app on the flagship device of the company Exodus, the world’s first blockchain-smartphone. This writes Cointelegraph.

How to make money on the blockchain. Example HTC

Now the game is in crisis — according to the publication, the number of users has fallen to 350 people a day though CryptoKitties is still considered the most popular decentralized application.

To change the situation will allow the partnership with HTC is the blockchain-the smartphone will be released in the third quarter of 2018. It was during this period AxiomZen expects a sudden influx of users.

Exodus will cost about a thousand dollars and to support protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum, Dfinity. The main features of the device — built-in multi-currency wallet and a hardware security solution with support for cryptocurrency and decentralized distributed applications.

The publication notes that the release of Exodus — perhaps the last attempt by HTC to return to the ranks of the largest manufacturers of smartphones. But not the fact that the company will succeed — the device is expensive, and customer expectations may not be justified.

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