Cryptogenic is gaining serious momentum. What to expect from hackers in 2019?

According to a recent report, ESET Threat Radar, in 2019 we should not expect the reduction in the number of incidents of cryptogamia. Despite the fall in the price of altcoins, the number of burglaries is increasing, and hackers are increasingly sophisticated malware. According to information, smart devices and home voice assistants are the primary targets of hackers to create a miningfarm. Writes Coingape, next year the problem of cybercrime will only increase, and will seriously affect many areas of business.

Special attention is given to scenarios 5

Mining cryptocurrencies continue to gain momentum. Despite a serious collapse in 2018, experts believe that mining cryptocurrency will gain weight in the next year and a considerable part of Hasrat have a hidden mining. Senior security researcher at Eset, David Harley said that we can expect even greater growth in the number of programs for covert mining. Perhaps even their direct confrontation and competition for a tasty morsel kryptopyrrole.

Increasing the level of social engineering. Cyber criminals will often resort to “automation and machine learning”. The use of advanced technologies will allow the hackers to collect more data about users and to develop the best strategy for social engineering.

The confidentiality of the data. In 2018, revealed a number of cases involving leakage of confidential data and inappropriate approach to the processing of such data. Senior researchers at Eset Stephen Cobb and Luz Myers said that in 2019, we can see the company’s confidential data management at their best.

The move to global privacy law. California, Brazil and Japan likely to follow in the footsteps of the EU GDPR. This could potentially lead to a single global data privacy law. According to the researchers, it is important to understand that at the moment GDPR also not represented in the final iteration.

Focus on smart home devices. More and more home devices will become victims cryptogamia and used for covert mining. The adoption of cryptocurrencies and the wide distribution of such devices create space for mining farms a fundamentally new format. More data look at cryptodata.

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