Crypto-currency debit card uses AI to make the best deals

Opportunities to pay for purchases of crypto currency every day appears more and more – this is one of the proofs that the crypto currency is becoming more popular and it is beginning to be taken seriously. Nevertheless, such transactions are still rare and relatively complex, because, due to sharp jumps in the bitcoin rate and other crypto currency, it is rather difficult for customers to find out how best to manage the content of their crypts while shopping. In order to facilitate the task for users, the Amon cryptographic platform was created, which helps people to find the best option when buying.

The owners of Amon cards will be offered three ways of buying. The easiest way is to specify a purse to allow payment with a single currency (for example, it can be Bitcoin). Secondly, the user himself can choose which currency to use when paying on the card. The third option is the use of artificial intelligence Amon (AAIS), which itself can choose the best currency for the transaction at the time of the purchase.

The developers gave an example with the purchase of coffee using an Amon card. Algorithm AAIS begins to analyze customer's crypto currency and determine which of them is most effective at the moment, considering various factors, and then gives the user a list of possible payment options with the highest rates. The user can either agree with the AI ​​by paying the proposed crypto currency, or refuse to help by selecting the "coin" himself.

In addition to the map and platform, Amon is going to release its own purse, which is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2018.

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