Crowd behavior: people are often interested in Bitcoin after Panov

The curve of popularity of Bitcoin fluctuates with some lag from the graphics. In other words, suggest to buy cryptocurrency after a significant wave of growth. Afraid to miss another increase in the price of an asset is sometimes pushing investors to rash trading positions. How to use for their own benefit?

Analyze crowd behavior

According to Google Trends, the number of search queries on “buy Bitcoin” has increased only once the cryptocurrency began to grow. As you can see by the schedule, the peak user interest in the BTC came on the third of April. On the same day, Bitcoin was trading at 5300 dollars, and two days ago, its price was 26 percent lower in the area of 4200 dollars.

Source: Google Trends

The majority of the investors are fans of buying BTC just after the first wave of the uptrend. It is possible that their open long positions can become “fuel” for the second wave of growth. Don’t forget to look at the statistics of Google Trends from time to time, because it can display very useful data.

By the way, Bitcoin is most often searched for in Nigeria, the Netherlands, South Africa, Austria and Switzerland. But in Russia, the cryptocurrency, not so popular — the majority of Russian citizens he believes it is not the best investment.

Source: TradingView

The growth potential of Bitcoin are almost limitless. We will remind, to the left havinga 405 days, and this event should be a decisive factor in the rapid rise of cryptocurrency. However, is it worth buying it now?

In cryptocommunist for a couple of weeks he wrote an opinion that the market has already reached its bottom. Google Trends confirmed this theory — BTC for a short period of time has become more popularthan Elon Musk.

More strategies predict the price of a digital asset can be found in our cryptodata. Also look into the rating of the cryptocurrencyto know about capitalization and courses.


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