Critics responded negatively to the series from the Apple TV+

Only three days remain before the launch of Apple TV+. New streaming platform Apple starts from a hundred countries, becoming one of the most important non-mechanical Apple releases over the last few years. In Cupertino carefully prepared for this event, having several dozen TV series and movies. Many of them appear on the platform already at launch, but Apple focuses on four shows: “See”, “Dickinson”, “the Morning show” and “For all mankind”. The company calls their new hits, and some of them even compares in scope with the “Game of thrones”. But critics believe otherwise.

TV shows available on Apple TV+, not everyone will like. So say critics

The contents

The morning show is too confusing

According to Variety, “the Morning show” — a series about what happens behind the scenes of the morning TV show with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston in the lead roles – a pretty dull picture, far from being called exciting. When watching this show, explain to the critics, the impression of some confusion and uncertainty. And even the skill and awareness Azersun and aniston were unable to save the series.

The same opinion, and The Hollywood Reporter. Critics of the edition watched three of the series and said that only by the end of the third hour becomes more or less clear what is happening here. However, the problem of the series is that the pilot and the second episode was too boring and confusing, so there are no guarantees, so the viewer will sustain them and agree to watch the third series.

The series “See” wasting time Jason Momoa

It post-apocalyptic series “to See”, according to Apple, has all chances to become the new “Game of thrones” but critics of the Variety believe otherwise. According to them, this series, which evokes a sense of the incoherence of the entry and continue is a waste of time for Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard, performing leading roles in it. Position The Hollywood Reporter turned out to be remarkably similar. After watching three episodes, the magazine called “See” shows, which is not even close to a good show.

Dickinson is a teenage drama and a black Comedy rolled into one

This series has received more positive reviews, but to call it a masterpiece is not resolved no one. Variety criticized the “Dickinson” for a scattered narrative, and poorly interrelated approaches to the story of the life and work of the protagonist. But The Hollywood Reporter, by contrast, has described the story well developed from the point of view of the facts that are important to the picture, claiming the title okoloistoricheskoy. On the other hand, the attempt of the writers to combine black Comedy and teenage drama does not add to the series appeal, creating a feeling of irrelevance.

For all mankind — the best there is in the Apple TV+

This drama telling about the launching of space ships, of course, is the strongest work of those that are available at the site, says Variety. By all appearances, the critic says that the series will make maximum use of the budget that was allocated for its production, leaving you feeling not only taken beautiful pictures, but also affecting the mental fibre of the viewer. This is one of the few works that can be called epic. The only downside is that she looks a little constricted, but I think it’s not very good “For all mankind”.

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