“creator accounts”.. a new feature of Instagram influencers

"creator accounts".. ميزة جديدة من انستجرام للشخصيات المؤثرة

A new feature offered by the popular social media site Instagram, where she seems to do celebrity influencers on the pages of the site more than anyone else, under the name of “creator accounts”.

The advantage of Instagram’s newest

Don’t expect photo-sharing application and website known Instagram, about the experience of all that is new to please the pioneers of social media platforms, it turns out that the burns on the attention to the party from among their bearing Instagram recent special feature under test, in order to celebs site specifically.

Choose Instagram is currently a property “creator accounts” which is supposed to provide influencers the possibility to filter the messages that reach them via the website, for easy separation of fan mail and messages the next mission possible, adding to the opportunity of data analysis, to help them get more success through internet pages.

Reports indicate that the new feature that are subject to the test now, maybe you believe with the beginning of the next year, where will become an alternative to the calculations of the traditional business issued by the site Pictures months since 2016.

Protection from hack

In the time that will help the property analysis of the attached data with the “creator accounts”, influential figures on the analysis of feedback traders, in respect to the quality of the content that they provide, there is another benefit of no less importance can be utilized also, where can a property transfer later to give the owners of the accounts indirect protection of the opportunity to penetrate their account.

Function analysis of Instagram as a strong alternative to many of the parties not licensed, which claims the ability to analyze numbers, owners of account, for the purpose of stealing their data and their accounts, you can Cancer then to be the means Analytical the safest celebrity influencers across social media platforms.

Was Instagram has recently announced through an official statement about choosing a property “creator accounts”, as explained by the features associated with the water saying: “in the shadow of the adoption of the content makers increasingly on Instagram, to communicate with followers in order to become their brand more famous, and with the lack of resources currently available for this purpose, we feature a “creator account”, which will be issued soon to facilitate things on the influencers safely”.

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