Creative Agency Virtue presented sexless voice for intelligent assistants

The currently known virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google now, Cortana, and Bixby), with which millions of people communicate on a daily basis, have one thing in common- a female voice by default. Although some intelligent assistants have the opportunity to choose the voice between male and female, by default, still it meets a female version.

Amid all the noise and movements of society in the direction of tolerance and equality, the presence of virtual assistants to the default female voices looks wrong. Based on this reasoning, creative Agency, Virtue, Vice is owned by the publisher, decided to contribute to this uncertainty and to create a genderless voice for virtual assistants called Q. the Whole project Agency, Virtue was carried out in collaboration with Copenhagen Pride, Equal AI, Koalition Interactive and thirtysoundsgood, companies which have direct relevance to industry sound.

The site of the first asexual voices for virtual assistants Q says:

“Technology companies continue to implement voice technology in accordance with scenarios in which, in their opinion, consumers will feel most comfortable when using them. A male voice is used in more authoritative roles, such as banking and insurance applications, and a female voice – cast, more service-oriented”.

When you create the voices of Q the Virtue Agency worked with Anna Jorgensen (Anna Jørgensen), a linguist and researcher at the University of Copenhagen. They recorded the voices of five androgynous, and then used special software to modulate the entries range between 145 Hz and 175 Hz. This range, researchers have determined how gender-neutral. After you create a voice for the Q Agency conducted a survey of 4,600 people who were asked to determine how a male or female voice they hear on a scale from 1 (male) 5 (female).

Virtue encourages people to share information about the existence of Q, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and other manufacturers of virtual assistants, as despite the fact that sometimes companies offer a choice of more votes than two, in most cases, the choice is reduced to only male and female options.

How do you feel about this trend towards uncertainty?

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