Created magnetic ocular implant, which protects against glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous eye diseases that lead to blindness. The fact that despite the existence of mass types of therapy, they only ease symptoms, but cannot cure the disease completely. Continuously we are searching for new treatments and, it seems, a group of American scientists from Purdue University were able to make significant progress in the issue of getting rid of glaucoma.

As reported by Engadget, the way out can be the ocular implant with the magnetic field. Now often for getting rid of symptoms of conduct procedure drainage chamber of the eye, however, since it is necessary to conduct constantly, an extremely high risk of infection by various microorganisms. In order to avoid this, experts suggest the use of a smart implant, which is self-cleaning with microactuators. They are sensitive to the effects of magnetic field and begin to vibrate each time fall within its scope. In addition, the device can be configured individually for each patient.

Schematic description of operation principle and device implant

Microactuator are devices that can convert energy (in this case the magnetic field energy) in a controlled movement. Roughly speaking, vibrating with a certain frequency, microactuator eye implants can how-to “sweep” bacteria out. A similar principle, by the way, use ciliated epithelial cells of respiratory tract.

Now scientists have confirmed the feasibility of their development of the first pre-clinical tests and want to patent the device to start full clinical trials. By the way, the new implantaty can not only protect eyes from contact with new bacteria, but also help to clean up already infected eye, which can improve the quality of antimicrobial therapy.

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