Created an alternative rocket fuel that is safe for people

Ever since the Second world war the structure of the rocket fuel is comprised of extremely toxic and carcinogenic substance called hydrazine. Its presence eliminates the need for ignition system to create the necessary movement for the rocket enough thrust adding any oxidizer. Researchers from McGill University believe that rocket fuel can be made much safer by using the metal-organic framework structure of MOF. The proposed alternative may well become the standard form of rocket fuel of the future.

Безопасное ракетное топливо

As a rule, modern rocket fuel based on hydrazine and reacts with oxidizers such as nitrogen tetroxide. They have been successfully used in various ballistic missiles, but they have a lot of various disadvantages. In addition to the increased risk of fire, they are very toxic people from irritated eyes, dyspnea and nausea, temporary blindness, and organ damage nervous system, liver and kidneys.

The worst thing is that part of that fuel is already hurt people annually to the aerospace industry emits about 12 000 tonnes hydrating fuel. That is why scientists from around the world and trying to develop the most safe alternative.

A newly proposed alternative based on metal-organic structures with the contents of zinc, cobalt and cadmium. In this case, as the oxidants can be used zeilanova or vinyl substituents. The researchers were able to create six types of fuel based on MOF that are configured on different properties — for example, by a delayed ignition.

Scientists believe that the ratio of the ability to fine-tune performance and a lack of carcinogens can make the fuel on the basis of MOF most secure alternative to existing options. It can be used in many space missions, but not for such long flights to Mars.

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