Created a video game that will help you to overcome alcoholism

Opponents of video games often say that games are a waste of time, the defenders also claim the games can get a lot of fun and even learn something. In recent time video games have increasingly started to find its application in treatment of diseases. For example, specialists from a South Korean University Chung-young has created a game that helps to cope with alcoholism.

Of course, all this sounds very strange, but according to the study, the method really works. The essence of it is to reduce the psychological craving for alcohol and creating in the brain the Association aimed to “suppress” conditional reaction, which is produced to alcohol.

The game has 3 levels: the first level is “painted” in a calm tone and around music. At this stage there is relaxation and freedom from obsessive thoughts. The second level is aimed at strength of will — the player is placed in a virtual bar, where he is offered to drink. Refusing it earns points. The third level is purely informational — the person sees information and examples of the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.

It would seem that the method is quite controversial, however, 12 people who took part in the experiment prove its effectiveness. They say reducing the desire to drink, and what they have learned to control their desires, struggling with the craving for alcohol. In addition, experts note that their approach can help to deal with other mental disorders, and compulsive. For example, claustrophobia or fear of the dark.

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