Created a robot cockroach that is almost impossible to crush

Locusts, flies, cockroaches and other insects can hardly be called pleasant creatures. However it insects often “throw in” scientists ideas for new developments. For example, not so long ago researchers from the University of California at Berkeley have created a robot cockroach. Besides the fact that he does not possess the negative qualities of the insect, so it is also almost impossible to crush. Moreover, the new robot has the potential to save dozens of lives.

How to construct a robot cockroach

Appearance of California scientists developed robot are impressive: he’s about the size of a postage stamp. The robot’s body is made of a very thin sheet of material called polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). PVDF belongs to the class of piezoelectric elements. That is, it responds to electric current in a certain way. When electric current is applied — it shrinks. When the impact ceases, the material returns to the previous form. On top of the robot is covered with a layer elasticease polymer.

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In the new robot current is applied to two electrodes. They make a device to make a series of “flexion and extension”. In front of the robot is a special foot that acts as a kind of “wheel”, setting the direction of movement and turns. Thanks to this, the robot can easily move on different surfaces.

Most miniature robots are very fragile. If you step on them, then chances are you will destroy the robot, says Professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and Director of development of the livey Lin. We found that if we give our robot some form, he may be able to withstand such loads.

Why you need a robot cockroach

The speed of movement of Robotron is currently 20 lengths of his own body in a minute. This may seem small, but the authors claim that their robot is much faster than any existing machines of similar size. The weight of Robotron is only 1 gram and it is to climb hills and carry a small load (weighing approximately 1 peanut).

The scientists, these robots can be useful in search and rescue operations, penetrating into places that conventional means to get simply will not work. While robots can, for example, to provide panic button and send under the rubble. Thus it will be possible to detect the localization of the survivors and save their lives.

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