Create now pages of the wait and ads in the links shortcut this new tool !

You can’t not have ratified one of the shortcut links before, especially if you are of the category most commonly used Internet, of course there are some sites like ADFly which is not considered a significant barrier so that you have to wait 5 seconds then skip ad, while there are other sites you can about what you were doing, where they are available on many ads, annoying ads, including pop-up and hidden. But today we will have a successful move to pass this by Universal Bypass medium users of “Google Chrome” and “Firefox”.

SKIP AD or skip the AD, and word proximity present in the dictionary most of the internet, I don’t doubt that there is someone who hates it, it may be profitable to some, but it’s annoying and significantly for others. But you don’t want to carry the theme seriously, the tool is an Universal Bypass analysis of the topic.

Universal Bypass

Universal Bypass tool whose mission is to pass steps links the shortcut so that you don’t have to wait the required time to skip the AD, available to all users of Google’s Chrome browser and Firefox, start to work automatically after installation, you can try to open a shortened link after and you will notice that you exist on the destination web page your downloading, viewing, whatever you are looking for. Of course is likely to stand at a declarations page for a short time, but we don’t have to conduct any action in respect of this matter.

Download Universal Bypass

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