Cream learn about the breakthrough of the long company database

كريم تُعلن عن اختراق لقاعدة بيانات الشركة

كريم تُعلن عن اختراق طال قاعدة بيانات الشركة

Published company cream delivery service. on its website an important statement to talk about the process of penetration of long-servers and Storage Systems Company.

The company reported in a statement that the operation occurred on 14 January last, have begun since that time to work to discover what this sample group of security experts, electronic find out.

The company said that the process to access unauthorized data of the company belonged to the data users can registered to work with him, but she said that any of them has not been affected since that time.

The face of the company message to the customers can change their passwords and use strong passwords, in spite of her talk about the non-discovery of any theft of data during the last period after the entry process series.

Confirmed cream that there is no evidence to know the data of credit cards of damage, where the Company maintains credit card details on the server outside protected from the firm.


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