Cream for the skin may cause poisoning. How to avoid it?

Almost every month we write about unusual diseases and cases of medical practice of doctors from all over the world. For example, in April of 2019 we talked about Indian dentists, which found and successfully removed from a mouth of 7-year-old boy 526 extra teeth. It is time for the next story, which recently faced a workers urgent care Sacramento California. Once they received the 47-year-old woman with complaints of numbness of the hands and feet, slurred speech and problems walking. No, the woman had a stroke or heart attack — the cause of serious health problems was the poisoning of cream.

The skin cream may contain mercury

For many, this can be a very surprising fact, but a cream really can be poisonous. With a deadly means of taking care of your body can face the people who buy them in specialized stores and pharmacies, and from little-known sellers. The woman who turned in a California hospital, was a lover of wrinkle cream imported from Mexico.

What is included in the skin cream?

Blood women showed that her body contained 2630 micrograms of methylmercury per liter of blood. It is known that this poisonous chemical element can greatly affect the Central nervous system and cause involuntary tremors of limbs and even loss of memory. Normally human blood contains not more than 5 micrograms of methylmercury per liter of blood — the substance may enter our body with food. In ordinary life, a large dose of methylmercury can be obtained only by eating a poisonous fish and shellfish, therefore, a case of poisoning from a cream in the USA was recorded for the first time.

High concentrations of mercury contains, even in the pike

Rather, methylmercury was added to the cream due to its properties to suppress the production of pigment called melanin, which stains the skin a dark color. According to the son of 47-year-old woman, she has for many years used the Mexican cream, because it is better than others helped her to get rid of blackheads on the skin. Apparently, repeated use of illegal made of the cream led to the accumulation of mercury in a woman’s body. About the state of her health at the time of this writing nothing is known.

People can also die from expired medicines, so they must be properly disposed of.

Where to buy medications?

This case is an excellent reminder of what is purchased in the informal stores body care and medications can be dangerous to health and life. A group for environmental protection have already noticed that such remedies can be found even on major online stores like Amazon. In November 2018, they even filed for it in court, demanding to remove from the catalog creams with high mercury content. However, Amazon’s lawyers responded that the labels of most of these tools are warnings and the company is not responsible for the harm that they can cause to the health of the buyers.

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Not be amiss, and a reminder that even certified and recommended by doctors antibiotics can cause health irreparable harm. Take, for example, antibiotics of the fluoroquinolone group, which includes all known oxolinic acid. They are often prescribed by doctors as funds from a large number of infections despite the fact that because of them the person may have heart problems. True or not, it is impossible to say for sure, but that repeat canadian scientists.

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