Craig Wright allegedly buys old Bitcoin wallets. What are its benefits?

On the Bitcointalk forum user under the name Wallet Buyer posted an ad about buying a old Bitcoinwallets. He described the exact criteria that must be met by the product. Just Wallet Buyer would like to purchase three. In cryptocommunist immediately rumors spread that the nickname is not other than himself, Craig Wright.

Why did he have old wallets?

Wallet Buyer’s intentions are not clear. However, only at first glance. Judging by the instructions and notes some users have mysterious anonymous could be a very specific goal. For each Bitcoin address, the buyer asked for $ 5,000 with the following requirements:

  1. to address mainelis coins from 2008 to 2010 (inclusive);
  2. produced at least 300 BTC;
  3. accepted wallet.dat or just private keys;
  4. purse needs to have 0 BTC at the moment. The former owner will never be able to use;
  5. purchased up to three addresses that meet the above requirements.

The buyer proposed to use the escrow service (escrow) to secure the transaction. $ 5,000 seller of wallets could get bitcoin after the final send private keys. As all this refers to Craig Wright?

In cryptocommunist “fake Satoshi” known fact that often likes to replace the facts. We will remind, earlier the management of WikiLeaks noticed changes in old documents Wright, which he tried to forge, to pretend to be Satoshi Nakamoto. May buy purses to be part of his next “brilliant” plan.

Source: Penn Memory Center

Although the user under the name marsmensch there is another version on this.

I don’t think it’s Craig. Most likely, someone is just trying to evade taxes, providing the authorities with people’s wallets.

More revelations of Wright search in our cryptodata.


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