Craig, I’m sorry: mine Bitcoin to 43% more profitable than Bitcoin SV

Before hard forks of Bitcoin Cash Craig Wright has teamed up with CoinGeek founder Calvin Eyre to any means to sabotage the activities of the opposing team Bitcoin ABC. Both were hoping their fork will get more support in cryptocommunist some time later after the division of the original blockchain BCH.

Wright and Eyre not once declared about the imminent collapse of Bitcoin ABC. However, the next couple of weeks will put everything in its place — Bitcoin SV lost the “war of Harrachov”. Have BCHABC and BSV are almost the same, Hasrat, but to extract the BSV is still unprofitable.

Better mine Bitcoin

At the beginning of his campaign, Craig Wright preached his fork as a “miner-friendly”. In other words, one of the main purposes Aldona was maximum profit for all miners.

However, even this promise “Satoshi” was never implemented. After the next recalculation of the complexity of the network of Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency mine more profitable by 43 percent compared to BSV. Now those who have to get coins to fork Bitcoin Cash, continue to operate in the negative.

But to the Bitcoin ABC, which has now become a Bitcoin Cash, should definitely look at. Mine BCH at the moment, is 9.2% more profitable than BTC to mine. Compared to BSV the difference is even greater — as much as 47 percent.

Do not forget that of all three networks the original Bitcoin remains the most secure and decentralized. The largest Bitcoin mining pool responsible for production, only 16.5 percent of all units of the cryptocurrency last week. But Bitcoin Cash bottom two pools Bitmain — ViaBTC and the same who control 56 percent Hasrat cryptocurrencies.

By the way, today Bitcoin SV climbed to fifth place in the global ranking of cryptocurrencies. Coin grew by 18 percent and reached $ 107. BCH fell back to seventh place at the rate of 102 dollars.

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