Cover iPhone 11 Max reveals details of The Shape of the phone next

He provided us with many leaks and information design and a more detailed idea on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max. Now, the company claims industry covers Olixar they offer a detailed look at the iPhone 11 Max, including a panel of the new camera key to mute the redesigned and more.

The picture show the cover of the Olixar how it will look form the next phone when you put the lid on it. Design in the design of the phone’s display iPhone 11 Max in gold, and in the back you can see where the camera is tripartite.

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It is said that Apple used a new design of glass back in the new phone which will consist of one piece of glass cover Ring camera three lenses also. This change is difficult to determine in the display.

iPhone 11 Max هاتف

The pictures show also the mute switch on his design, so that it moves up and down instead of left and right. As is characterized by a rounded design instead of the design rectangle to the concept of the mute current.

Include other common changes for the iPhone this year of wireless charging, duo, and large batteries, and more. Likely to be announced iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max in September, alongside the public release for iOS 13.

iPhone 11 Max هاتف

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