Coursera announces its expansion in the Middle East starting from UAE

كورسيرا تعلن توسعها في الشرق الأوسط والبداية من الإمارات

Starting platform, Coursera-leading in the field of online education’s expansion into the Middle East through the launch of the platform ” Coursera’s business” in partnership with the government institutions in the United Arab Emirates, it came in the effectiveness of the developed area in the emirate of Dubai.

Start platform new business in partnership with the Academy of the Abu Dhabi government (ADSG), DEWA, and Etihad Airways Group Tecom, Dubai asset management, in order to work on the development of their workforce, as Will the Coursera opened an office in Abu Dhabi in order to provide their services to better the region.

Considers the Coursera one of the most important educational electronic, owns a portfolio of more than 3,000 space training, 300 majors, and 13 degree universal.

As the organization emphasized its strong commitment towards the organization and its network. Strategies include “Coursera” for people in the Middle East region, working with public and private companies alike to enhance the skills of local talent in the areas of “machine learning” and”artificial intelligence” and the “block Chi,” software development and many more.

She commented to me Bielski, vice president of the company in the “course, said: “the Middle East is passing through a point of major economic, as its industrial base from natural resources to one based on technology and innovation. We look forward in Coursera to establish partnerships with government, businesses and large institutions to strengthen the base of talent capable of achieving the organization’s ambition for a knowledge-based economy”.

Aim platform “Coursera business” to help organizations meet the challenges of modern business through the development of super skills in the areas of business, technology and data, from a large range of courses, this course design and availability of 170 of the world’s best universities and professors in various fields. In order to facilitate access to the content, will be offered 70 evening training with the translated text in Arabic 30 pm The Last fully localized.

Considers the partnership with the Academy of the Abu Dhabi government (ADSG) for the training of 60 thousand employees of the government of the highly developed skills like data science, artificial intelligence and digital is the largest partnership entered so far.

And Solveig Nicklaus, dean of the Academy of the Abu Dhabi government, said: “the training of future leaders and equip them with the skills required globally, it is crucial to Invest Abu Dhabi in the future and the United Arab Emirates the objectives of the program tomorrow 21. This provides the partnership with Coursera the ability to raise the level of skills of workers in the government of Abu Dhabi”.

From his side, said the official spokesperson of the aviation union: “as a global leader in the field of aviation, it’s good to partner with Coursera to provide our staff with high quality content that will help them achieve their ambitions”.

Worth mentioning, that the expected expansion of the market for online education in the Middle East with a CAGR of 9.8% during the period between 2017-2023.

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