Course Ethereum Classic rose by 25 percent. What is the reason?

The weekend exchange rate of Bitcoin is significantly decreased. Instead of the recent 7600 dollars now for one coin offered for $ 800 less. The market followed the leader fell to the capitalization of 300 billion. The Ethereum classic, details mining described here, flew up. ETC has risen by a quarter and is now trading at 15 dollars.

ETC showed the class

The reason for the rise of the price of a simple listing Classic Ethereum announced the American stock exchange Coinbase. About this the staff said in an official Twitter account.

Information pleased holders of the cryptocurrency. Course coins immediately rushed up. Just over an hour cost ETC increased from 12.92 to 16.15 USD. It is exactly 25 percent of the increase.

After that, the price retreated slightly and stabilized. Now with cryptocurrency please 15.79 USD. She is in 18th place with a market capitalization in 1,614 billion.

Recall, the market collapsed on Sunday. Analysts have linked the event with the hacking of a South Korean exchange Coinrail, but in fact rates have fallen because of the activity of Pantelleria. The details of the situation read in this article.

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