Cotton buds almost led to inflammation of brain tissue

Otolaryngologists have repeatedly advised not to use cotton sticks and other objects to clean the ear canal, but many people still refer to this advice with skepticism. Thought so, and one a resident of England until left wool with sticks in the ear had not developed intracranial abscess. The details of the story, says the publication Live Science.

According to respondents, doctors hospital of Coventry, the patient appeared necrotic otitis externa, which was caused by a foreign object in the ear canal. The man turned to the clinic with complaints of pain in the ear, seizures, and hearing loss. After he did a CT scan, the doctors saw two between the upper inflammation of the meninges (intracranial abscess). The inspection of the auditory canals they found a piece of cotton buds to clean the ears.

Necrotizing otitis externa usually develops due to Escherichia coli, which falls into the ear canal for foreign objects and even water. If no action is taken, it threatens to inflammation of the soft tissues of the ear canal. In the end, may start the inflammation of the meninges and brain tissue.

Doctors hospital of Coventry believe that it is one of the few cases when after otitis media developed intracranial abscess. The disease was complicated by the fact that men have diabetes, and immunosuppression: over the past five years, he has twice been treated for otitis, but not in so complex a form.

This time everything worked, but the patient still had to stay in hospital for a week and then take antibiotics for several months. According to doctors, in this case, the delay is fraught with new complications. They once again advised not to clean the ears with cotton swabs, as the latter can lead to damage of the eardrum. Maybe after this incident, anyone will think.

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