Costs Repair screen Galaxy S10 is the most expensive ever in the lineup of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Monitors are phones Galaxy S10 new the most expensive as you can fix it in these phones, which is the most expensive of any screen used in the Samsung phones leading the modern, including the Galaxy Note 9. However, the price still screen Apple TV is significantly higher.

Is not published costs everywhere, but we have special prices in some areas, including Australia and Taiwan. The following are special prices Repair screen phones Galaxy S10 in those countries, knowing that he is in the same table to compare these prices with the prices of the Apple TV.

Samsung Taiwan Dollar AUD Apple Taiwan Dollar AUD
      Galaxy S10+ 7100 320 iPhone XS Max 10790 518.95
      Galaxy S10 6450 300 iPhone XS 8990 448.95
      Galaxy S10e 5350 280 iPhone XR 6490 318.95
      Galaxy S9+ 5300 287 iPhone 8 Plus 5490 278.95
      Galaxy S9 4700 247 iPhone 8 4790 218.95
      Galaxy S8+ 5300 260 IPhone 7 Plus 5490 278.95
      Galaxy S8 4700 250 iPhone 7 4790 248.95
      Galaxy Note9 5500 320
      Galaxy Note8 5300 280

Note that in Taiwan, the phone has +Galaxy S10 cost top while match the price of the Galaxy Note 9 in Australia. However, you will either pay a considerable amount of money to exchange the damaged screen with a new one.

The prices that we have indicate that the cost of the replacement screen Dynamic AMOLED flat phone Galaxy S10e suffer the cost of replacement of the phone screen +Galaxy S9 curve of accuracy +QuadHD display. This seems rather odd, but likely to be technical +HDR10 piercing the front camera is of led to raise the costs, so you’ll need to exercise extreme caution even with the Galaxy S10 low cost.

The other thing you should notice is that the fixes Apple TV in Taiwan is Cheaper Than in Australia, but the reforms of the Samsung cost about the same price in both countries, which narrows the gap. Generally, you can find prices for replacement screen Samsung official Australia here Taiwan here. The pages of the apple of knowledge found here andhere.

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