Cost $ 105 million.. did you talk to the deal of the century in the world of technology?

The company began prudhomme S. a last November the negotiations in the deal of the century that was going to be the largest in the world of technology and perhaps for years to come also when the offer of $ 105 million to buy the Qualcomm competition, which replied that the offer is less than the value of the company. It is a response that has been interpreted by insiders in the field of technology that is of two, either they want more money or that the company refuses to exchange the company is quite competitive.

Now we have a new development on this page that might be historic is the fact in the case to be completed, filed prudhomme displayed for Qualcomm by 15% to become the display 121 million, or about 2 trillion and 154 billion Egyptian pounds.

Interesting on this page is not only the amount that the prudhomme introduced it, but also that Qualcomm is the largest without the need for many comparisons, and also that the integration of the two companies will require approvals in addition to that it might be delayed for months or possibly years due to the legal problems faced by Qualcomm in the current time.

Qualcomm is a company of the acquirer of the smartphone market in North America, almost most of the phones 2017 big came chip Snapdragon 835 most phones 2018 big coming chip Snapdragon 845 which is detected newly.

At the same time slices prudhomme exist in a much smaller number of smart phones, but also servers and storage devices and the education, and that you get a place Qualcomm in the smartphone world.

Qualcomm makes most of its profits from the patent, where he owns a large number of patents in the field of telecommunications which companies make phones under the wing to see reductions always on them, so they pay as much of her money. At the same time the company will continue this flow of funds to invest in its research and strongly develop new segments. All this makes the company significant leverage controls in the world of smartphones, giving it the upper hand in deals with various companies.

And the last show of prudhomme said the Company acquired the smartphone market in North America she received the offer will be reviewed fully before responding.

This theme cost $ 105 million.. did you talk to the deal of the century in the world of technology? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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