Copy the WhatsApp backup saved on Google Drive become free

It is known that the messaging service WhatsApp provides a long time the possibility to save a backup copy of all conversations, photos and videos on the cloud storage service Google Drive.

Of course, these backups consume space free granted from Google on Google Drive, in the amount of 15 GB, but not anymore.

Since Google sent today an email to users to teach them that what is consumed by the backup special was not going to improve anymore from the space domain, what means that the stored data is WhatsApp on the Google Drive will be free.

Google noted in its e-mail to that this change is due to a new agreement with WhatsApp.As alerted to that each backup copy has raised to the Google Drive over a year ago will be deleted automatically.

So advised; and to avoid losing any data, save a new backup manually before the date of 12 November, which is the activation date of the new agreement between the two companies.

What do you think about this step from Google and Watson? Let me know in the comments.

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