Controversy about the role of the network of Facebook in spreading democracy around the world

جدل حول دور شبكة الفيس بوك في نشر الديمقراطيه حول العالم
Controversy about the role of the network of Facebook in spreading democracy around the world

The company said Facebook on Monday that he cannot guarantee that social media generally serve democracy, but they are trying as much as possible by the cessation of interference in the elections by Russia or any other party.

Became the publication of false news or misleading on social media a global issue after accusations of Russia that she tried to influence votes in the United States, Britain and France. Moscow denies the accusations.

Discussed the company facebook, the largest social network used by more than two million people, the role of the media in democracy in the blogs written by Professor Cass since from Harvard University and has been working on this file.

She said Samed chakrabarti one of the directors of Facebook at the expense of his ”I wish I could guarantee that the positives outweighed the negatives, but I can’t“.

He added that Facebook turns ”a moral mission to understand how to use that technology and what can be done to make communities such as Facebook reliable represent everyone as much as possible“.

Spread Executive Directors of Facebook in Europe in the past few days, driven by a sense of guilt to know what was said to the slow reaction of the police on the violations posted on the site, such as incitement to hatred and to influence foreign election campaigns.

Holding us lawmakers hearings on the role of social media in the elections and expanded the company’s Facebook an investigation this month’s experience for the period prior to the holding of a referendum Britain in 2016 on its membership in the European Union.

Cross chakrabarti about sorry Facebook of what happened during the US presidential election in 2016 when he sent Russian agents 80 thousand publications amounted to about 126 million people over two years.

He wrote saying that the company she should have known better, but she is now trying to shut down suspicious accounts allow seeing ads election for more than targeted and asked to confirm the identity of who publish ads containing election propaganda.

The company’s Twitter open, which owns the Google search engine and YouTube, the attempts to develop regulatory rules for its operation.

Said chakrabarti said that Facebook helped democracy in ways such as encouraging more Americans to register to vote.

Said case, a law professor and adviser for the film you also worked in the administration of former President Barack Obama, in a blog that social media is still in the development stage.

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