Continued S-series (iPhone 5s)

Against the background of his contemporaries, he looked like a sophisticated aristocrat, living classics, as if challenging the whole world and time itself. It might seem that he had no chance – and the problem he had. Demand once again exceeded supply…

In 2013, the smartphone industry has all bubbled and gurgled in camera in 41 megapixel displays with a pixel density of one and a half times this parameter for Retina displays, which does not affect image quality, but was decorated with the specifications. The frequency of the processor sought to 2 GHz, the model with 4-core processors were not surprising.

Specifications iPhone 5s on the background of his contemporaries weren’t impressed – but the crowds of fanatics, as before, gathered in the first day of its sales, and according to unconfirmed reports in this insanity was attended by even more people than the year before. The plot was even shown on television!

Competitors have tried to appeal to the market, guessing his innermost desires (and guess them was easy: just a little more, and cheaper), Apple continued to search for something like “Golden section”.

In the manual Apple opinions are divided. Ignore the trends was risky, but “the formula of Steve jobs” could someday lose its magic power. But in 2012, he won “esotericism”, the technical specification with parameters new iPhone S-series was approved, the subject of fierce disputes have become a product next year.

They have something to surprise the audience, believe in the magic numbers…

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All is not gold that glitters

Adherence to tradition – the most perverted form of eccentricity. Externally, the iPhone 5s was if not to pay attention to details, almost exactly the same as the iPhone 5. The same 4-inch screen, same resolution 1136h640 pixels with the same their density in 326 ppi.

Pay attention to the details could not be noted that part of the design of the iPhone 5s surpassed even his ancestor. To measure this superiority is impossible, but it is acknowledged even by his enemies. Beauty could save the world if someone saved her.

Two familiar “flowers” (black and white, the language of high design – Space Gray and Silver, “space grey” and “silver”), added one, and called it Gold. That is, the “gold”. Originally, Yes? But not so simple.

The color was not gold. iPhone 5s in this coloring was not like a vulgar bar of the yellow metal – the color was unusual, delicate and subdued tone something in our reality, perhaps had never been. In search of that shade was obviously a spent force and means which would be enough for another backward country to a triumphant and successful leap into the future.

iPhone 5s colors Gold was like an artifact from some unknown world, a world “where designers better than we do”. But these are just emotions – they are worth nothing, but the originality of the combination of this color and shape of the case is proved by indisputable facts.

Demand for iPhone 5s has been a blast, logistics services, Apple and its partners week after week he worked in an emergency mode and more or less coped with their tasks. iPhone 5s colors “space gray” and “silver” was successfully delivered to their place of meeting with buyers, but the iPhone 5s colours gold became scarce.

Production line (flexible, able to respond quickly to changes in demand) increased production of gold iPhone 5s, brought them in the first place, but nothing helped. They are still not enough.

The guys from iFixit (it’s a company in Australia) brought one of these artifacts to sacrifice to the goddess of Knowledge, filmed the process on camera. They managed to reveal many of the secrets of Apple and this particular artifact. That are not required to sacrifice the most iconic version of the new iPhone, but judging by repeatedly growing number of visitors this page is iFixit, and their antics made sense.


As you already know, a new phone, the S-series was announced on September 10, 2013, at the Apple Town Hall at 4 Infinite Loop in Cupertino. At that time, the headquarters and the Apple campus was located nearby on the same street. Simultaneously with the “budget not a budget phone C-series” iPhone 5c.

the iPhone 5c, according to an old tradition, it was possible to book in advance, starting September 13. His “visionary” sibling, the iPhone 5s to follow this tradition declined. The beginning of sales and the first and the second was scheduled for Friday, September 20.

Monday is considered the first results of the two novelties: it was a new record over the weekend, the company sold 9 million new iPhone. A little more – but little things we will not. Accurate data on sales, in units and broken down by model, color, and volumes of flash memory, Apple had – but for some reason they were classified.

Offhand, third-party observers found that the iPhone 5s bought in two times more often than the iPhone 5c. Confirm or refute these data, we assume that in the first three days it sold 6 million iPhone 5s. A record amount, by the way.

Silver bullet

A bone was thrown and admirers of the numbers in the system-on-chip of the iPhone 5s processor cores was two (sucks!!!), but they were 64-bit. Whether there was some benefit for the average user, experts have understood not at once, but normal users happy and unbuttoned wallets. 64-bit technology was the “silver bullet” that plagued the competitors as cinematic evil.

Any quick to copy competitors could not. Attempts made by long time was unsuccessful.

Apple A7 was wonderful not only that, but this time I will mention only one fact, which I forgot to mention talking about this chip. Technical characteristics of Cyclone, 2-core 64-bit processor Apple A7, was roughly equal to Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz (SU9400), the processor of the first 11-inch MacBook Air from October 2010.

The bit the number of cores, clock speed (SU9400 – 1.4 GHz, when the load on one of the cores dynamically increases up to 1.6 GHz; the creators of the Cyclone on the focus decided to save money), and most importantly – the results of the tests: it was the processors about the same level and class. Phil Schiller announced Cyclone processor “desktop-class”, and we just caught it on exaggeration. The first 11-inch MacBook Air and desktop class is not the same thing.

And graphics performance of Apple’s A7 (and therefore iPhone 5s) surpassed the fourth generation iPad. 70 percent in the phone configuration of the chip. And tablet… But more on that another time.

Balancing over the abyss

About the desire of Apple to some esoteric balance between the diverse parts of your company’s mobile devices (another formula “jobs”) I have said so many times that you try this word more not to mention.

Especially in the case of the iPhone 5s with compliance with this requirement was the problem. Battery life on one “refueling”, stated Apple was not performed. The difference was not too big, but tests have revealed it. Soon even the most rabid haters of apples refrained from the charges in this matter to the Apple.

Processor and a graphics subsystem was unique, unusual and could not fail to command respect. Unique and unusual was their appetite for all this world has to pay.

Found the culprit, it was the Samsung – Apple A7 was produced on 28 nm technology, compared to technology 32 nm performance gains were minor, he was not able to compensate for the increased appetite.

Battery capacity in the iPhone 5s (1 570 milliampere-hours) compared to the iPhone 5 (1 440 mA/h) increased slightly, it too was not enough.

Tests tests, but in real life iPhone 5s was holding a charge as needed. Claims for this reason that it is not so far. I have an iPhone 5s, color “space gray”, until now.

About camera fingerprints

The power and CPU architecture, the turbojet nature of graphics and design at the level of the medieval masters of painting – that’s not all.

Photos and camera iPhone 5s, if we evaluate the world according to the printed specs would have seemed depressingly mediocre. Resolution main camera on the rear side of the device, was 5 times smaller than the industry leaders according to this indicator, but due to software (and ISP, the processor for signal processing, hidden somewhere in the nano-wilds of the Apple A7), the results were better than the iPhone.

Photography is art, it is also a very complex profession that requires not only inspiration, but also a deep understanding of the process of owning thousands of different secrets. Learn, learn and learn – and rightly so. Nevertheless, not all but many of these knowledge and skills can (and, with superhuman pedantry) to apply smart software.

And instead of a camera with extremely high resolution that creates frames occupying tens of Megabytes in memory, adjust the parameters of which are provided to the customer, 5s was implemented qualified electronic photographer. Resolution rear camera 8 MP and front 1.2 MP. We photographed, after all, not the Megapixels, but something more important, and the iPhone 5s is better than the other.

The sensor (or scanner) fingerprint instead of a password – innovation, the number of disputes ahead of even 64-bit technology the Cyclone. Security all of us understand is not less or more than professionals.

The more that this new method of authentication was not. At the beginning of zero (since 1999), attempts to use a fingerprint scanner in computers, most often in portable, made repeatedly – and none of them was successful. The sensors were unreliable, uncomfortable, them almost nobody used.

But Apple implemented this sensor/scanner in its own style. We will talk about it some other time. Limited to the most important: the scanner in the iPhone 5s was easy to use, fairly reliable, quite durable and to deceive him was more than difficult. Actually, the other from him and not required.

To be continued

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