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With near the start of the World Cup in football, revealed the company’s security and protection Kaspersky for know users for the operations of the likelihood of vaccine purchase tickets to attend the matches is not valid amounts to exorbitant up to ten times their price.

Not only did the attackers needs and require funds expensive for “nothing”, but also collected users ‘ data private, including payment information in order to steal more money.

Said Kaspersky, it is going to deceive victims via email messages look system, focusing on the world Athletics Championships are watched by a large audience all over the world, which comes on top of course the FIFA World Cup to begin soon in Russia.

This raises the event of interest due to a number of obstacles that complicate the process of buying a ticket; it cannot, for example, to buy tickets only from the official website of the International Federation of football associations (FIFA) in the conduct of multi-level complex for security reasons. The request to purchase the ticket on the three stages are not allowed to purchase more than one ticket per person, except for tickets of guests, which allows the buyer to buy up to three of them.

However, the registration of this ticket the names of the specific and can not be changed unless you request the holder to change the name of the beneficiary. Was able to the crooks to exploit this in their favor, despite the complexity of this process.

When the site started FIFA to sell tickets to World Cup matches, it’s continue you’ll the wave of requests for purchase, resulting in occurrence of problems in the call. During this process, bought the crooks to the greatest possible number of tickets for the purpose of selling them to the base of the fans who lost the chance of getting a ticket.

Leaving many fans with no alternative, with completion of the sale of tickets in full, but to go to third parties to achieve their dream of attending the games.

It has been prepared the crooks hundreds of websites, domain names and linked to the World Cup to sell tickets through, not increased many of them price to more than double the nominal value, provided some of the tickets up to 10 times the original price.

According to experts of Kaspersky Lab. There is virtually guarantee that the scammers download the ticket, in spite of the requirement of pre-payment for all the desired value, as it is not certain that it will accept tickets for guests booked on behalf of other people when the presence of the ticket holder to the stadium, except for the lack of what assures being the actual tickets in the foundation. But the only thing guaranteed here is that the payment info used to purchase the tickets will give the crooks all they need to steal additional funds from users in the future.

Warned Andrei Kostin, a senior analyst web content has the Kaspersky Lab, which he considered “a real risk involved the intention of the users to pay a lot of money in exchange for not getting anything”, stressing that this type of electronic fraud can also lead to the theft of more money.

He added: “we urge sports fans to be more vigilant and intelligent when you buy a ticket, regardless of how attractive the offer is, the only way to ensure the To avoid falling victim to fraudsters is a commission to the treaty to sell tickets”.

Recall in this context that the system of anti-phishing in Kaspersky Lab detects and e-mails and fraudulent Web sites, to ensure that users of this type of fraud victimization.

There are a number of simple steps that football fans can follow to maintain their security and protect their money from theft, both during the World Cup or at any time:

– The buyer must be careful and not buy tickets only from official sources, is achieved always from the address of the web site and the links that compresses them.

– Not clicking on links in e-mails, text messages, or instant messages or posts to social networks if the sender of the persons or parties unknown, or if it contains elements of extraordinary or suspicious.

– Owning a card linked to an account separate Bank includes an amount of limited, and bake for purchases made over the internet, what would help in avoiding significant financial loss if the event and reviewed details of the bank account of the authority.

– It is better to install a program reliable protection databases updated sites include malicious and deceptive, in order to neutralize the risk of data theft.

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