Consumers are not ready for the bright iPhone XR?

In September 2013, are iPhone 5c is one of the most controversial smartphones. The phone available in five colours, and above all was aimed at a younger audience. However, quite a high price and weak performance on the background of the flagship iPhone 5s, has not allowed this product to become a hit. This year the company showed the iPhone XR — smartphone, which, it would seem, must be taken into account all the mistakes of his predecessors. But is it?

According to experts, Apple was a little hasty with the release of the iPhone XR. The smartphone should be a little later, when the global market finally adjusts to the expansion of bright smartphones — and as a result, sales of “affordable” iPhone could be much more effective.

If you believe the results of a survey conducted by research company Strategy Analytics in the largest markets, the vast majority of consumers prefer smartphones in classic colors.

The most preferred color in all the surveyed regions is the black and white. Smart phones with other colors are much less popular.

According to the study, among all regions, the most loyal and bright colors are in China. One of the most popular colors on the market, “Rose gold”. And every year become more popular custom color versions, which is also accompanied by the largest Chinese manufacturers of smartphones.

At the moment there is no reliable data regarding the number of iPhone sales XR, as well as statistics on the top selling colors. However, there is no doubt that the best-selling smartphones in Russia will be model in white and black.

Are you ready to buy a smartphone with an unusual colouring, or still prefer the classic colors? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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