Conspiracy theory: Satoshi Nakamoto could develop a mechanism for the destruction of bitcoins

We know almost nothing about the person or group of persons behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocommunist still in the planning guesswork and makes assumptions about the motivations of the Creator of Bitcoin.

Yes, the main goal of Satoshi is to make a “rival” of the traditional financial system. Some enthusiasts are voicing a very seemingly unbelievable theory. According to them, Nakamoto has provided “arms destruction” of the cryptocurrency in case anything goes wrong.

All for good cause

When someone steals someone else’s private keys, it automatically seizes bitcoin of the victim. Presumably, Satoshi has developed a mechanism that would make the stolen coins are useless. As soon as the previous owner was again obtained control over their funds, bitcoins on his account again would be turned into “useful”.

This rumor began to spread on Twitter after automatic publish with account Satoshi Nakamoto Bot. The bot publishes a random phrase ever published by Satoshi. Last post has attracted the most attention.

Imagine that gold could turn into a lead in the theft. If a thief returned stolen, it would automatically go back to its original state.

Recall that Satoshi is quite often compared the precious metal with his invention. The quote that caused the furor, was posted on the Bitcointalk forum back in 2010. In the post Satoshi made more sense.

Imagine that you have stole something. You can’t return the thing, but you suddenly turned out to be the lever by which the theft could have been done is pointless. You’d used it? It would be nice if the thieves knew that every valuable thing can be destroyed remotely, so it makes no sense to commit a crime.

However, no evidence of the work of Satoshi over the proposed mechanism of destruction of bitcoins and has not been found. But I managed to find an earlier version of the Protocol of cryptocurrencies — there is also something interesting.


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