ConsenSys is looking for investors. Company needs $ 200 million

Media-The Information Agency reported that ConsenSys is going to attract funding from new investors. According to sources, the company lacks $ 200 million. The management has already talked to investors in Hong Kong and South Korea, however, still had no information about the new players.

2018 ended ConsenSys income of $ 21 million, and the main source of profit was consulting activities. In 2019, the company plans earn up to $ 50 million, while 40 million will be derived from services.

It should be noted that ConsenSys also own a significant share in the companies that were formed in her incubator. The management plans will have access to the capitalization of one billion dollars. According to experts of The Information, this is a very inflated figure, despite income and stock investors.

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In December last year, there were rumors that the company plans to lay off 60 percent of its staff, as the blockchain-space “perenasytil people”. As then noted predstaviteli ConsenSys, they were promoting many start-UPS, some even without financial support. In January this year the Executive Director of the company on entrepreneurship and social impact Vanessa Grille Cointelegraph reported that the layoffs affected not more than 13 per cent of employees. When this reduction took place in an impartial, therefore, dismissed both the technical and administrative staff.

To the question about the signs of crisis in the blockchain industry Grelle said that still sees a huge interest in technology and the industry as a whole.

I hope ConsenSys will survive the situation and will successfully find investors. In our cryptodata will find other useful information.

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