Connections”: the fifth-generation rewrite of the telecommunications sector and opens doors to all aspects of innovation

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Confirmed Hatem Dowidar, CEO of international operations in the group of “connections” to the fifth generation of networks, the relationship on the next generation of mobile technologies, will be held on the re-drafting of the telecommunications sector in general, and the impact they have had directly in supporting all aspects of innovation, as well as to enrich the overall customer experience, that came through the events of the summit, “the leaders of the telecommunications sector and Information Technology” held in Dubai today.

Where the summit focused in its version Eleven on the extent of the impact of smart grids on the telecommunications sector, gathered the elite of the pioneers, experts and decision makers to discuss the most important developments in this regard at regional and global levels.

Opened Dowidar discussion by talking about “impact of technology on our daily lives” and”how to deal with telecom operators the opportunity digital transformation,” he said in this context that the fifth generation is the capabilities are endless, it would raise the level of Service and performance, empowerment and Digital, which will change the way we interact positively affects the organization of various business, added: “I’ve brought technology and smart applications in mobile phones have a significant impact on the behavior of users, which led to raising the level of expectations for solutions to more advanced and innovative, pointing to the “contacts” through its ambitious strategy for “driving the digital future to enable the communities” they seek to keep up with all technical developments, including guarantees to improve customer experience digital”.

Focused leadership “connections” to participate in the summit on the growing importance of the development of modern cutting-edge such as the networks of the fifth generation, and Cyber Security, where he participated Ali Amiri, Chief Executive Services, the operators and the wholesale, in the group of “connections” in a panel discussion entitled “data traffic and its carrying capacity”, with a focus on the changing requirements in the area of capacity, and the submarine cable carrying the data, and the role of operators in the era of big data.

Posted Mohammed Al Marzouqi, deputy head of sector technical group international “connections” in a panel discussion entitled “the fifth generation: to re-invent the economic values of the new”, has focused on the role associated with the fifth generation in the provision of support for the next generation of data movement and infrastructure to digital, in addition to the role of SDN in the development of the upgraded models for business and network development.

Also participated as the Best Senior Director-Information Security Solutions Digital in “contacts digital”, in a panel discussion entitled “cyber security: the security challenges of the digital and the steps of the Proactive Protection”, which focused them more on the security challenges in the digital era, techniques of integration mechanisms for the protection of digital in all elements of the communications infrastructure with a focus on the risks of digital methods to address them.

The gate Arab News Technical ” Communications: the fifth generation is reshaping the telecommunications industry and opens doors to all aspects of innovation

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