Congratulations on the occasion of the month of Ramadan !!

Congratulations from team iPhone Islam to all of our followers on the occasion of the month of blessing, mercy month of Ramadan, we ask Allah Almighty to accept from you, including our fasting and our prayer.

In Ramadan this year we would like to let mobile a little, take a reign on yourself, I don’t hold you mobile this year for Ramadan, use your cell phone in to add a border, don’t let him take away from you this holy month of Ramadan

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Application to my prayer free

We are delighted on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan as we offer you the application to my prayer free during the month of Ramadan.

Application to prayer-free, so make sure that all the world downloaded for free so hurried to tell your friends.

You can exploit the application to my prayer in the month of Ramadan by telling your friends and urge them to the administration of the statutes through the participation of a prayer place your prayer times in social networks, you will find already many users do this, and you can browse the hashtag elasalaty# to learn the extent of the impact of that globally.

Also add a mosque until being alerted to close the sound of your phone when you approach them and share a place of prayer and urged friends to pray in the mosque by way of social networking. Another advantage of the coolest features of the app. And don’t forget to apply to my prayer is first applied to the prayer called Apple watch to the full its advantages.


Ela-Salaty: Muslim Prayer Times & Qibla Direction


Size 180.1 MB
Version 4.7
متاح في متجر البرامج


We would like to see involved times of prayer and place your links on social networks, download the app immediately and take your device with you to the mosque before entering the application to my prayer, and add a mosque, then share place your links on social networks.

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