Conflicting reactions on reading the Epic after the release Fortnite on the Google Play Store


Company Epic Games has confirmed that it will launch the game by renowned Fortnite on the Google Play Store, and it will be my launch game for the Android by its own location, and so in order to avoid truncation of the proceeds you get Google from any application certified on the store, and up to 30%, the women that see the Epic they are very high.

Jonathan Kay of Apptopia thinks this design looks like some kind of showiness media rather than being a commercial decision thoughtfully and carefully, especially with the success of the giant who made his Fortnite on the platform of Apple and its system closed, and this alone is reason enough to not be afraid of the Epic form mg in distribution, the game is already reaping a lot of revenue and have a huge base of players.

It is not unlikely that the start of Google’s marketing PUBG, the game competition لFortnite on her store and that to try and keep the largest possible number of customers inside the organization of their economic. And reminds the analyst that Google would potential revenues estimated at fifty million dollars a year by the non-release of Fortnite on her store.

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