Conflict killer : the camera phone front within the screen

الصراع القادم : كاميرا الهاتف الامامية داخل الشاشة
Conflict killer : the camera phone front within the screen

Conflict killer : the camera phone front within the screen

No longer a secret that smart phone companies are working to intensify their efforts to look for alternatives to retain the front facing camera on the phone while providing full width screen from edge to edge.

It seems that the appearance of the sheet front, which has spread quickly rocket through the phones in 2018, it seems it’s no longer enough to provide the extra tracks on the screen .

In the past month, such as, launched the Shaw phone water Mix 3 features a magnetic strip installed in the back, has a front camera, as one of these solutions.

In the sideburns shall : a professional or a scam? Huawei and Samsung under the guillotine cash because of fakes.

But Samsung and Huawei, are seeking for more innovation, save a small place on the screen to install the camera front.

Samsung announced it might offer this model in the Samsung Galaxy A8s, while according to the leak on Twitter, it seems that Huawei will and phone with the same technique, immediately next month.

Huawei is still an unknown name and specifications, but it is under rapid development in accordance with this settlement, while Samsung too has suffered with December as to ask the first smart phone with a camera front within the screen .

Explicitly hot new precedence, from connecting?

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