Confirmation of the Launch Date of the Nokia X and specs

After the pictures that have been posted about the trailer of the Nokia X which has spread in China, confirmed the HMD world that the phone will be officially announced on April 27, as it is mentioned below the image depicting the two phones constitute the sign of X.

We don’t know yet the secret of the called phone X, X; this is not a tradition for the Apple TV, which do you mean number 10 in Romanian, as there is no relationship between it and the Nokia X which was released in 2014, and does not need an extra piece like the iPhone X.

According to the source of the new day, the Nokia X will be middle class, what explains the rumors about its release exclusively in China, as well as explain the lack of leaked information about him only a few days ago.

All that is known about the Nokia X currently, is to provide two versions of it: one with a processor Snapdragon 710 and processor by MediaTek and will come back random 4 or 6 gigabytes with memory storage of 64 gigabytes, and will it Android oreo raw.

Source: IT Home, First Post

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