Confirm use phones Pixel 3 for Samsung

تأكيد استخدام هواتف بكسل 3 لشاشات سامسونج

The site says the iFixit opens and analysis of the components of any device, new companies launched, where it detects, unless you’re talking about the company in conferences and confirms other information not, this time it came to the disclosure about the screens of phones Pixel 3, which was launched by Google last week.

And Baccording to the site, the AMOLED screens used by the police on the phones were provided by the Korean company Samsung, and not, as was rumored earlier that LG will do so as I did with the Pixel 2.

Maybe take the Google resolution to provide a better experience on the phone by the former which appeared less than most flagship phones in the market for the company, which made her think about the Samsung.

The company said in the conference of the detected phones to screen pixels 3 are the clearest on the market until now, which means the possibility of the appearance of the screen much clearer on the Samsung phones leading the next.

In this way, the Samsung is preparing to impose more control on the OLED screens or AMOLED existing in the market, after Apple has become Google’s second big companies that used to screen them.

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