Conference Samsung: detect headphones Samsung Wireless Galaxy Buds

مؤتمر سامسونج: الكشف عن سماعات سامسونج اللاسلكية Galaxy buds

Samsung revealed the latest versions of wireless headsets during the conference day a Galaxy buds which enjoy a smaller size than the previous version by about 30% as they can stay for 6 hours during continuous playback of music on a single charge.

In comes Galaxy Buds with the support of the Assistant Samsung Voice which empowers the user to deal with both the order playing tracks or raise the volume and lower it by giving voice commands through Bixby without the need for manual download.

Besides the charging process through the wireless charger can be shipped also by phones Galaxy S10 which provide the feature of reverse charging by placing it simply on the back of the phone to improve the process of charging of the battery which is considered suitable and very important for a number of users, especially in emergency situations.

Priced headphones Samsung Wireless 129.99 dollars, which will be available on March 8 Next users to become so peaceful in confrontation with Airbods with Apple TV at a lower price.

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