Conference Apple TV: Apple will reveal a new version of the MacBook Air with a battery that lasts 13 hours

آبل تكشف عن نسخة جديدة من MacBook Air ببطارية تدوم 13 ساعة

Apple announced at its new detection of other devices for this year, for the laptop MacBook Air, which comes with Retina display ” Retina Display” dialogue a lot less by about 50% from the previous which represent the landscape of the new shape of the screens of the company.

Come screen clearly higher compared with any device earlier than the company, where they come led 13.3-inch and accurately reached the 4 million pixels on all screen, as they come clearly colors 48% more than the previous.

Protects the device camera at the front of the device technology supports FaceTime HD to on the face to further protect the device, as it will feature Touch ID for the fingerprint. And brings the device with the chip T2 to raise the protection device through the storage and encryption of data insight, and this chip enables to control memory storage, image processing and health and other things more quickly.

Speaking of keyboard, the new device, they provide more stable and with Butterfly Keyboard item 4-fold from the previous generation of the keyboard, and this tablet comes with a touch pad of the index is greater by about 20% than the previous generation.

The device offers the advantages of higher speaking of pictures, where it needs stereo headphones louder about 25%. Contains a separate traditional headset with two USB C وThunderbolt 3, HDMI port and outlet for the screen. And the battery can work about 13 hours when playing video or browsing iTunes.

As one of the most important things for any device is the processor – a MacBook Air with an Intel second generation dual core, and supports RAM up to 16GB, next to the SSD memory with a capacity of 1.5 terabytes.

Note that the device will be available next week, priced at 1,119$.

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