Conference Amazon 2018: detecting a number of devices and assistance, home support Alexa

مؤتمر أمازون 2018: الكشف عن عدد من الأجهزة والمساعدات المنزلية بدعم أليكسا

Sudden including and after two days of some of the leaks, Amazon announced the event Annual , said to disclose the number of new devices electrical and technical support voice assistant Alexa and represents a great addition to the smart home. In particular the report of the microwave clever and Clock Style Plugin eco.

echo dot

The company announced in the beginning from the speakers voice of the millions of class eco, has just announced the Echo Dot which comes as an update for the device which was launched in 2016 and comes on a little carousel-like at the event Google Home, also carries with 4 buttons to navigate and brings improvements on the photo, and its price is 49.99$.

The company also announced the speaker sound larger Echo Plus, which comes at the price of 149.99$ with voice capabilities better and clear up, a speaker’s voice is the most efficient of the company even now.

echo plus

On the other side, the company has announced speakers eco more effective, as revealed on the Echo Sub a hearing is central to the home, where comes the 100W supports device connection to my eco others with him, will be the speaker 129.99$.

echo link

In addition to the devices Echo the previous, has revealed the police are phonetic Echo Link, Echo Link Amp As far as 60 watt. And devices many audio options for users, and that a second device can link with the home stereo to experience the sound of the best, comes the Echo Link is priced at 199.99$, in comes the Echo Link Amp the price is$ 299.99, both of which support internet connection through the wire next to the wireless.

Echo Input

Does not seem to line Amazon with devices Eco is available on Normal mode, where the company announced the device and Echo the Input, which can be interfaced with any other device to achieve not control the voice, and will come at the price of 34.99$.

Echo Show

The company also unveiled the domestic helper, Echo, the Show that comes with a screen measuring 10 inches, and through its many applications in cooperation with companies, such as Skype of Microsoft and Firefox of Mozilla, in order to prevent users experience the same with tablets, this device comes priced at 229.99$.

amazon smart plug

Open a little bit about the organs of Eco, the company has announced an electric socket new calls voice assistant Alexa, but it has a microphone which is expected to link with your eco shopping, this article comes at the price of 25$.

Moreover, the company launched the so-called Alexa Hunches which makes the assistant Alexa, the voice predicts the needs of future users based on the use of their daily.

Echo Wall Clock

Besides traditional aid, the company has revealed about the wall clock as the Echo Wall Clock Enjoy the support of the voice assistant Amazon but they offer a feature follow-up time follow stop their pre-defined via plugin through the light in Leeds down the Scorpions, and will come priced at$29.99.

amazon microwave

The most exciting thing is the launch of the company microwave. which is the first kitchenware smartphone from the company, where the named Alexa and enjoy with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and in the microwave Amazon and is contained on property for the manufacture of popcorn! Comes at the price of 59.99$.

Ring Stick Up Cam

Said Amazon it with update their devices to the new, you’ll get the eco system to protect high-with the assistance of the speaker’s voice, and being listened to all the sounds in the house, which alerts users of when some of the incidents to identify the strange sounds, like breaking glass.

In this context, the company has announced the full My Ring Stick Up Cam as an update to the camera previous the same price of 179.99$, and come a copy of the camera working wired, in comes another version with a battery, and two cameras service the alarm.

Fire TV Recast

The bulk of the interview, the company unveiled a TV Fire TV Recast new, which allows users to send live streaming to their devices to watch up to 500 GB, it also offers the advantage of control the Office of the Antena of the device to get the best signal, and will come at a price of 229.99$, will launch another version with a capacity of 1 terabytes on November 14, priced at 279.99$.

Echo Auto

And speaking of adding another large company, has introduced the Echo Auto the new device ad hoc parking which is provided assistant Alexa audio drivers, it comes with a special operating system of the Amazon and supports the technology communication Bluetooth port or 3.5 mm, and its price 49.99$ while will get buyers the early adopters compared to 24.99$.

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