Computers Mac of the future might be able to charge the accessory by the wireless

Apple iMac

At the moment, working the majority of wireless accessories for computers own using batteries, such as keyboards and policies. What this means is that in case the battery runs out, will supplement without benefit and we will need to recharge it to use it again. Often, there are usually warnings introduction in advance to let us know when battery levels are low.

But what if you improve this situation in the future and no longer have to worry about shipping? Well, this seems to be the target of the Apple, thanks to the patent was discovered recently by the website Apple Insider, where the company received a patent for the idea of using the Mac to charge the devices wirelessly.

This will be done through the use of radio waves, as long as the keyboard and mouse within the scope of the case, it will remain charged. As you can see in the chart below, the general idea is that as long as you use those accessories naturally on the place, it should be shipped wireless.


This is not actually is the first time that you try to Apple to generate ideas for wireless charging. The company has got a patent for the idea to make computers MacBook is able to charge other devices wirelessly, including an iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch. Unfortunately, this is still just a patent, so there is no guarantee that it will turn into a reality, despite the fact that Apple in recent years began to adopt wireless charging technology in more of its devices.

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