Computers iMac future may track and monitor your health

MacBook Pro - iMac

At the moment, Apple Watch is the only device from Apple that can keep track of your health, such as heart rate. There are rumors that Apple’s looking to make the advantages of similar models the future of headphones AirPods, but it seems now that Apple is interested in bringing the features of the health tracking to the computers Mac of the future as well.

This is according to the patent invention have been discovered recently which show that Apple is targeting the idea of establishing the features of the health monitoring on the computers of the Mac affiliate with the knowledge that this patent revolves around a ” portable electronic device contains a sensor dynamically “. It suggests that the patent that says Apple include the features of health monitoring in the computers.

We are not sure how this works exactly. Maybe you could Apple integrate the sensor in the keyboard or trackpad. Or maybe you can Apple included near the sensor fingerprint Touc ID in computers, MacBook laptops own where users can conduct a survey of life from time to time to check their health.

This is actually an interesting concept. to some extent, it is possible to use the readings that are taken by the screen to encourage users to advancement and. Were included this feature already in the Apple Watch, so we don’t see any reason why the possibility to bring this feature to other devices also. However, this is only patented, and therefore there is no certainty that Apple will analyze them to reality, at least at the moment.

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